By oheyimsarahh - 16/02/2011 15:30 - United States

Today, I was sitting in social studies and someone threw a note at me. It said "Go fuck yourself, everyone hates you, just die." FML
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People do really mean things. Just ignore it. Fyl op.

If it happens again, blow your nose on it and throw it back.


At least you didn't do as the note said...right?

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That's cruel and inconsiderate. Ignore people like that, they won't go far in life.

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(__/) (.__.) (") (")

ignore that "if you respond, you're just as guilty as him" crap that school teaches you. write on the back: Go fuck yourself faggot, now leave me alone and stop throwing your shit at me." and throw it back.

i would have , i just went over bullying in ss class

Sorry OP that was suppose to hit the person in front of you

but he will, all in due time

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Troll1 your an ass hole. OP those were just some dicks in class. Ignore em.

People do really mean things. Just ignore it. Fyl op.

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39. Or not. Wow it's sad how hateful you are.

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all the more reason to buckle down and really make something of yourself, so when you drive your new Audi to the 25th year reunion at your private club, you will have the satisfaction of knowing they all live in the trailer park off the highway and work in the local coal mine!

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^^win 85

85 you are awesome.

it's funny because op is probably a freak who will end up shooting up the school or killing themselves so I doubt the scenario that 85 suggested

n ur the guy I use to stuff in lockers for messin with ppl like op

112- you're an asshole...

how am I an asshole? you don't get everybody to hate u for no reason. he must have done something

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and I doubt you have a ballsack... or friends

they're obviously angry because something stupid happened to them. and no, not everyone hates you, they are definitely delusional.

I do hate you, OP. with all my being.

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ydi for eating and using toliets

his ghost typed this?

hay that's mean but funny

Don't worry, the note most likely doesn't represent how the entire class feels.

but it does. they all signed it.

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lol I imagined two bears fighting as one said your comment to the other.

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Damn that sucks, but how would one go about effing them self? Just curious.

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your hand is part of yourself

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unless everyone signed it, I wouldn't worry about. It's apparent that whoever wrote it needs to grow up.

If it happens again, blow your nose on it and throw it back.

I'd say piss on it then throw it back. A disgusting note like that deserves an equally disgusting response. That might get you suspended though, so forget I said that:P

aback is right. blow your nose in it then turn around and say "think you lost something" and give it back

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#12 BEST SUGGESTION THUS FAR!!!! made me happy : D

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