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  powermad80  |  2

ignore that "if you respond, you're just as guilty as him" crap that school teaches you. write on the back: Go fuck yourself faggot, now leave me alone and stop throwing your shit at me." and throw it back.

  DRock525  |  0

all the more reason to buckle down and really make something of yourself, so when you drive your new Audi to the 25th year reunion at your private club, you will have the satisfaction of knowing they all live in the trailer park off the highway and work in the local coal mine!

  Jizwold  |  0

it's funny because op is probably a freak who will end up shooting up the school or killing themselves so I doubt the scenario that 85 suggested

  TheJawsman  |  18

I'd say piss on it then throw it back. A disgusting note like that deserves an equally disgusting response. That might get you suspended though, so forget I said that:P