By .... - 31/12/2009 06:23 - Canada

Today, I tripped over a ice block frozen to the ground and hit my knee hard on another. I had trouble getting up, so I asked my dad if he could give me a hand. He started clapping and walked away. FML
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Did you grasp your knee and go "Sshhhh--Ahhhhh... Shhhhhh--Ahhhhhhhh" for a while?


That was probably not his most kindhearted moment. But how is this an FML?

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well he did give 1 type of hand, a round of applause!

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haha, your dad is frikken halarious.

Did you grasp your knee and go "Sshhhh--Ahhhhh... Shhhhhh--Ahhhhhhhh" for a while?

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hahahahaha ! this is from Step Brothers am I right ?

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I meant family guy . sorry, I just saw step brothers so had that in my head . .

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Woah your dads an ass i feel sorry for you

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"the guy I've been texting". On the bright side, it should be pretty easy to end the "relationship."

Or maybe she tripped over the block of ice because she was paying too much attention to her phone while texting that guy.

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wrong fml douche. All though the random post made me giggle slightly.

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6, I think you put your comment on the wrong story. :) but I totally agree with you on that point ^^

+1 Favorite :D Having dad with sense of humor = priceless ;)

haha! My father does that all the time! I just slap him on my back and say, now give me a real hand! Your dad and mine would be best friends!