By Dan1021 - 04/02/2012 19:31 - France

Today, after telling my girlfriend that I loved her, she dumped me claiming I was getting "too attached". I've already spent almost $400 on her Valentine's Day present. FML
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Spending that much proves that you ARE too attached. Or too rich, in which case she's a fool for not hanging on :P

Aregonde 15

Depends how long he's been in the relationship. $400 is an awful lot to be spending on someone you've been seeing for less than a year.


its so annoying when the firsy person to comment says first.....

azurablade 0

why do all the FMLs come from this area of France?

YayAmerica 0

Guess you're getting a little too attached.


who cares if the first person wants to say first. what's annoying you commenting and bringing attention to the act.

Lancerman7449 0

sounds like you were too attached OP

that does really suck !!!

I'm with #46. What's up with all the French posting FML's out of this area.

what 400$ item does a women deserve women need a license for a vacuum and thats it

cause the French are f***ed

Gota learn the game, can't come on that strong. Make her work for it some to think she is trading up

KateeJo 0

I'm fairly sure that area of France is the default location, so it seems people simply haven't changed it.

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what I really don't get is why soooo many people comment in reply to the first comment when their comment doesn't have to do with the first one at all. Like the way I'm doing now, so you see what I'm talking about.

the mobile app automatically sets that as the area, and you cant change it as far as I know.

Yulia_fml 0

ohh ok. thank you for clarifying :) It was starting to bug me.

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I feel incredibly sorry for you. I hope one day you will have a full and happy relationship so you can realize how terrible your vacuum mentality is. You need a woman to teach you how to be a lover and how to trully appreciate women.

AbOvE_88 0

dude that's what I posted earlier but damn moderators took it out idk WTF they would?

heather_bunny 3

hmmm. wondering, was this comment posted to be funny? or was this comment posted by a dick? it was: a bad joke or definitely a deuche

Reyo 2

Really OP, ya should just ignored her like everyone tells you to. Despite the constant stream of "NUH UH!"s heard from the female point of view, it seems to work surprisingly well.

hardly, I spend around that on my gf for occasions... I guess not all people are cheap, huh

@109: fair enough, but a manly man such as yourself shouldn't be dicking around on the Internet when there's back breaking work too hard and manly for females to do. now get back in the yard and chop me up some firewood, bitch.

sucks to be a sucker. i used to be a sucker....i hope you return those gifts, or use them on another female

punchclock7 0

I agree, who spends that much money on a Valentine's day present unless their married?

No, that seems serious. Like exclusive-serious-marriage-prospect serious.

epound28 0

Why do you ask this on every FML?

Hey, every cloud has a silver lining. You can use that gift and give it to someone else you have a crush on on Valentine's day.

I think you are to attached...$400 for a gift?????

u are too attached OP sry...

cassiebear7652 7

Because men are lazy d-bag pigs who can't do anything for themselves.

sks4613 1

such is life return the gifts give the cash to a stripper. you'll feel better in no time.

i 2nd this one!

I wonder why...

HAHAHAHAHA! I think we all know exactly why..

fudgnugget 0

valentines day is so over rated

ginob 0

8 - 22 = ownage

54 if you're alone I guess

Strippers are always a good investment, well at least till the money runs out.

shoguu 0

it's not so much an investment as an entertaining way to waste money and possibly get a disease.

That happend to me too, sorry bro.

Averizzle 0

Cool story, bro

I know, right bro?

goodoldave 17

it does suck but she probably had it planned for a while. she had no intentions of the relationship lasting.

livexlaughxlove1 0

return it.

Spending that much proves that you ARE too attached. Or too rich, in which case she's a fool for not hanging on :P

400 bucks, and you guys haven't even said "I love you" yet? It doesn't sound like you've been dating nearly long enough to make that move, yet. Dude, I'm really sorry, but you should have been more cautious!

Rawwrness 3

seriously? y would u spend $400?! way too much!!! and I'm a girl.

I agree with #9 and #16.

I don't get this $400 really isn't all that much. I'm not saying I'd throw away that much, but seriously it won't kill anyone to spend on someone else. And to clarify, I really don't make much at all.

I had a friend who was gunna buy his girlfriend of 3 months a $1300 MacBook. I talked him out of it, and they wound up breaking up a month later. No super expensive gifts unless the relationships serious...

Aregonde 15

Depends how long he's been in the relationship. $400 is an awful lot to be spending on someone you've been seeing for less than a year.

guckylynn 19

Yeah this makes me wonder if they just started dating. I think 400 dollars is excessive no matter how long you've been together for valentines day, unless you're proposing.

they told me the same today:(

$400??......yeah, seems like she was right man sorry :/

Well, now while you're sobbing you can much on some chocolate. :)