By JazzSpazz - United States
Today, I had a horrible breakup with my girlfriend of two years. Depressed, I changed my Facebook status to, "Hate me today, hate me tomorrow, hate me for all the things I didn't do for you." My ex commented, "Give me an orgasm?" Five of my friends, including my mom, liked this. FML
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  genius_man16  |  0

No he didn't. Maybe if his ex would have communicated during sex she could have gotten an orgasm. I fucking hate how girls just expect mind-blowing sex without wanting to work for it. Lying on the bed like a dead fish isn't going to be something that always makes you have an orgasm.

  Intoxicunt  |  5

Way to assume.
For all you know, she gave him instructions, books, incentive, and everything else to help him give her an orgasm and he just failed.
That, or it may have been a case where she just used the opportunity to insult him, regardless of how truthful the insult was.

  nickyzinks  |  0

Wah wah wah my girlfriend dumped me and now it's time to be an emo twat for the whole of facebook to see. You might as well have just posted: "lyk plzz comment my status and leave commentsssssss saying how awsum i am so i kan feel better about my sad pathetic life"

Oh but your girlfriend sounds awesome. Props to her for dumping your sorry ass.

  DameGreyWulf  |  0

7, 13, and 69 all make valid points, in my opinion.

He said it was a horrible break up - maybe he WAS trying to please her, but couldn't because she wouldn't communicate? Or maybe just in general he just couldn't get it, help or no help.
Or, maybe she was being a bitch and was lying, a low-blow.
Also, of course for whining on the Internet about it, that's a pretty twat thing to do, he deserves it for expecting sympathy. Too many people go "I'M A BAD PERSON" and expect people to say the opposite and cheer them up. Just say "I feel bad, cheer me up?" to some friends, jeez.

  jadetothes  |  0

i like how an FML can cause so much debate about a man's ability to please his sexual partners haha
why are you people interested in a strangers sex life,
i bet the OPs reyt embarassed, the poor sod
or is this how you guys get your jollies?? err.

By  fenrisulfr  |  0

Not being able to satisfy a woman is surely one of the worts things ever for a man... you'll have to 'practice' more if you want to not let such things happen again...

  lotrgeek  |  10

You're a moron. Blue October is awesome.. Not to mention very helpful to anyone who suffers from major depressive episodes. So FYL for being stupid.

By  Sunako_fml  |  9

i don't think he expected that his ex would reply to that fb status. she stayed with you for 2 years and NOW she broke up with you because you couldn't pleasure her? that sounds like such bs. she's a bitch. be happy that she's your ex.

  IreadFMLnaked  |  0

It never said she broke up with him cause of that. It could have been for different reasons. She's just adding insult to injury on Facebook. Which is pretty funny, if you ask me. :x

  BLNovelist  |  0

but even if she's doing it to add insult to injury, he is still better off, because she has got to be a royal bitch to do that - assuming that he wasn't an asshole to her prior.

  kattylizbeth  |  19

Just because you post song lyrics doesn't mean you're fucking emo. Being "emo" involves a little bit more than writing depressing Blue October lyrics on a social networking sight. I write song lyrics all the time... Wanna call me emo too, because I wrote a bit of Taylor Swift on there? Didn't think so.