By 30Jenna / Wednesday 13 July 2011 22:01 / Canada
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  dummbrunette  |  0

"I'm breaking up with you." *27 likes* 1 comment from me: make that 28 ;) *like*

  tjv3  |  9

it's either 27 people that want to date you, or you could be a bad gf and a horrible person and that's why they liked it. you should probably reevaluate your life and how you treat people


Or 27 people who just don't give a fuck.


Obviously, reasoning isn't something many people have based on the rating on my earliest comment... hmm...


why? he could've been terrible for her plus almost anytime a girl breaks up with a guy there's atleast some likes regardless of how good they were together, it's called cheering a friend up

By  enonymous  |  8

Hey listen this post has been great but I'm done with it. it's not you it's me... I hope we can be friends

By  dreamering  |  16

So what's the FML? The fact that boyfriend dumped you or that 27 people liked it? Maybe I have the wrong impression, but you seem to worry for the 2nd fact.

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