By 30Jenna - 13/07/2011 22:01 - Canada

Today, my boyfriend broke up with me on my Facebook wall. 27 people liked it. FML
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foilindo 0

look at it this way. it's 27 people who want to date you!!! :-)

Or 27 people who want to date him.


that is just harsh, sorry :(

dummbrunette 0

"I'm breaking up with you." *27 likes* 1 comment from me: make that 28 ;) *like*

Boo_Bear501 0

Post on his wall saying, "Your dick was small, anyways" and see how many likes that gets. (:

lcecreamNSadness 2

Atleast this FML won't have the 'Dump Him' comments to it.

tjv3 10

it's either 27 people that want to date you, or you could be a bad gf and a horrible person and that's why they liked it. you should probably reevaluate your life and how you treat people

Crncj 0

27..... so far

nilin95 1

wow everyone who liked that is a dick.

i do really like your idea :))

idontcare8l 3

at times like this facebook needs a dislike option, that sucks though )=

foilindo 0

look at it this way. it's 27 people who want to date you!!! :-)

Or 27 people who want to date him.

or 27 people who know you deserve someone better.

CommonSenseKarma 17

Or 27 people who just don't give a fuck.


or 27 profile stalkers!

nah that doesn't make sense. they liked it, so they do give a f*ck

CommonSenseKarma 17

They felt like being poor, twisted, heart-wrenching cyber-bullies. OP never had a chance.

CommonSenseKarma 17

Obviously, reasoning isn't something many people have based on the rating on my earliest comment... hmm...

NagatoPain 4

36 niether that one

or they thought he was a total dick...or maybe your a bitch..

op being the bitch just to clarify. damn I hate anti flood protection................................

or JUST 27 people who have nothin better to do on Facebook

Or they were 27 people who don't deserve to be your friend, Op.

or 27 people think he deserved better

WeAreAHurricane 14

OP's ex is a jerk for breaking up with her on Facebook

cupcake567 0

you know her


hahahaha! my comment has 27 likes

or 27 ppl want to date, which is more likely.

or 27 people who find her pain funny

Your friends encouraged him to end it with you. You must have backstabbing friends

manMadeFAIL 7

thats a good thing... i mean her friends might have never liked him

backstabbing? he couldve been a jerk and OP never realized it out love or w/e

That's horrible... You don't deserve that shit

maybe she is the mega bitch of all bitches? 27 people is quite a few, you can't argue with the numbers...

That is possible...

well that's 27 people you don't wanna talk to

why? he could've been terrible for her plus almost anytime a girl breaks up with a guy there's atleast some likes regardless of how good they were together, it's called cheering a friend up

naynay30 0

that's 27 people to un-friend from your FB! sorry. :-(

daydreamer244 13

awww :( tht rlly sucks Wat an ass and all those other ppl are asses too! woww..

if only there was a dislike button.....

FreshPairOfNikes 0


hey, you forgot the ~o.

what the hell does that have to do with anything

looks like 27 people also did not like your comment

enonymous 8

Hey listen this post has been great but I'm done with it. it's not you it's me... I hope we can be friends

So what's the FML? The fact that boyfriend dumped you or that 27 people liked it? Maybe I have the wrong impression, but you seem to worry for the 2nd fact.