By Anonymous - 30/10/2011 23:36 - United States

Today, I saw a group of attractive guys at the mall. One of them looked exactly like a friend, so I decided to take a picture. Trying to be discreet, I put my phone up to my ear as if I was making a phone call, and pressed the capture button. The flash went off. FML
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Ooooh ninja moves right there...

flockz 19

laugh hysterically and run away. it will fit your creeper vibes.


Ooooh ninja moves right there...

enonymous 8

Say its for your fap book and slyly/awkwardly wink at them maybe add a slightly deranged laugh in there too

Now all you have to do is nonchalantly trip over a trash can while walking by and your whole weird vibe will be complete.

sierralovesyou 0

How about not... That's What a pedophile does...

13FTW 9

Glad I'm not the only one with a fap book. I hope enonymous doesn't know he's in it..

Buttsexpirate 9

Nin Nin Nin

I tried that once and was caught. I will never again allow my inner creeper to take over. And no I never was able to get the picture.....such a nice ass...

drlove78843 6

Y make a fap book when there is internet porn?

27- you creep me the fuck out.

enonymous 8

For the first time... I'm not the creepiest poster... Congrats

icefshng8 9

And he wasn't even trying! Let's give this... Man? A round of applause!

btnhdude 0

45, and what if you do? Gonna cower down and pretend you didn't say that? I'm imagining how you'd react if you did meet the guy.

ATSViper 15


pronounciations 5

I tried this once. The camera shutter noise blasted through the ear piece directly into my ear, making me scream in pain.

enonyomous, my fap-book consists solely of pictures of you and Nelson Mandela... I will take my Weirdness Trophy now, if that's ok.

^ where the fuck is chuck testa in that book?!

brettlovesgirls 4

My fap-book consists of all of your guys and gals buttholes and fourth vertebrae... Get weirder than that.

Same thing happened to me once, only that instead of flash the shutter sound went off, which has no purpose at all except reminding me that I have a $20 feature phone instead of a decent camera/smartphone

27 - you were trying to take a picture of ikickgingers, weren't you?

enonymous 8

80 - you are making a mockery of Super Troopers

My fap book consists of perdix's mucus, enonymus's anus, ikickginger's urine, and Evilpotato's saliva

You're a bit strange, 27..

My fap book contains Tara Reid.... The end.

whisperingeye13 0

No one not even God himself can make a mockery of Super Troopers! Someone end this madness!

I did it, got away with it too ^^ I took pictures of everybody else so I didn't look as creepy XD

AnaBanana1918 7

Remember to turn flash off!

chane1100 6


bacon1043 3

If your going to comment put something funny...

SystemofaBlink41 27

Gee, I didn't think of that when I got through reading this post...

58, use your own advice.

Hurray it's captain hindsight to save the day!

flockz 19

laugh hysterically and run away. it will fit your creeper vibes.

After I'd realized that I pulled a move like that.... I'd follow them and bark like a dog.

3 and if you don't want the creeper vibes then just chuck some ninja-stars at them, that'll kill'em. You'd lose the creeper status but gain a murderer status, I don't know which is worst.

Adman567 9

Lonely Island - The Creep? Anyone?

FMLandurstoo 9

I'll distract them with ice cream treats next time. Mmhmmmm

leadman1989 15

Like Popsicles? In your cellar? I'M ON TO YOU OLD MAN!!!

immja 0

now finish with the wink.

you got the moves like jagger

CODplayer777 0

Till op took an arrow to the knee;)

That happened to me once when I was taking a picture of a random girl. Awkward much haha

hamncheeseinit 6

Y would u take a pic of a random girl u creeper

Sexy children are the #1 cause of pedophilia.

LuckyTxMade 0

Lol why not just go up and ask for a pic? "If your scare, go to church"

"If your scar-ED, go to church" Scared not scare.

lol nazi correcting fail, its "if you'RE scareD"

We're all failing today! :D

Bad mistake Mr. 007...

btnhdude 0

If Bond did that, he'd probably have lethal intentions. He has the license to kill. Thats the what the double o is for. Ngeheehehhhh.

boredblonde 17

Hey, you probably gave him and his buddies something to laugh about.. They don't know you, who cares

LuckyTxMade 0

What if it was the opposite genders in this fml..... still would be something to laugh about? Nah cops would be all over the mall ??

boredblonde 17

I guess?

If you would call the cops because a random dude took a picture of a bunch of girls (assuming they're not children), then I'm concerned for you.