By Anonymous - United States
Today, I saw a group of attractive guys at the mall. One of them looked exactly like a friend, so I decided to take a picture. Trying to be discreet, I put my phone up to my ear as if I was making a phone call, and pressed the capture button. The flash went off. FML
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  pronounciations  |  5

I tried this once. The camera shutter noise blasted through the ear piece directly into my ear, making me scream in pain.

  Sebastian_NG  |  17

Same thing happened to me once, only that instead of flash the shutter sound went off, which has no purpose at all except reminding me that I have a $20 feature phone instead of a decent camera/smartphone

  EvilPotato  |  14

3 and if you don't want the creeper vibes then just chuck some ninja-stars at them, that'll kill'em. You'd lose the creeper status but gain a murderer status, I don't know which is worst.

  Daralea  |  21

If you would call the cops because a random dude took a picture of a bunch of girls (assuming they're not children), then I'm concerned for you.