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Today, I asked my dad if my girlfriend could sleep over. He winked at me and agreed. When I brought her home, we went to my room for a quickie. There, I saw that my dad had taped multiple Richard Simmons posters to the wall, causing my girlfriend to suddenly come down with a "headache." FML
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Troll dad always wins! Unless put against Troll mom.


nofearjenshere 12

Richard Simmons wants that **** all to himself. ;)

Haha troll dad strikes again. Dude just tell her your in to exercising and you will give her the ride of her life.

#23 What kind of douchebag and stupid pick up line is that?

Not a pick up line dumb ass, that's what he could of told her after she saw the Richard Simmons poster.

"Tell her YOUR in"? "Could OF told"? Seriously? I doubt she'd want to **** someone who sounds like he flunked remedial English.

Well it technically isn't a pick up line but yet it is still a statement full of douchbaggyness (yeah stupid word, I know) and pretty stupid. It's basically saying "Well let me say how good I am in bed and get you to have sex with me!"

Douchbaggyness is a pretty cool word...I might start using it...

Sorry, I already had it trademarked. You need to pay me 5 cents every time you use it.

KiddNYC1O 20

I was raped here once for using the word "douchebagish".

maxmex13 7

44 - whoever came up with that trademark stuff is full of douchbaggyness :)


Headaches are a bad excuse for not having sex. Women orgasms secrete a painkilling hormone that will get rid of that headache. Little FF, for y'all.

dominic1221 6

Yeah and few women can actually consistently attain ******, even when they leave the pleasuring to someone who knows what they're doing, ie themselves. Little FF for ya, junior.

digitaljunky 5

Yeah.. All that neon spandex would give anyone a headache!

105- that's if the man gives the woman ******-worthy sex!

yaya1213 6

It's not a pick up line if he already has her

MerrikBarbarian 9

105- try having sex before you offer advise about it. Sex can help a migraine yes, if the woman orgasms. It does shit all for a sinus head ache and makes a tension head ache worse. Also I dunno about you, but the last thing I want to do is have sex when I feel like I'm gonna hurl from pain

tjv3 10

why is everybody so obsessed with proper grammar on this site?

Roast? Where's seth macfarland? And who's getting roasted? Is it Charlie sheen again?

b0ngs 7

Really? Umm? Thats all you can think of?

thank you all for contributing to this fml. you can go home now.

jackii1313 9

Your dad sure has a sense of humor! Haha

Nightwing98 22

This is the funniest FML I've read in a long time!

No, his dad just couldn't find room to put up the posters in his own bedroom.

simcop2387 10

Where did he get the posters to begin with?

amandajlucas2015 2

Or he went n bought them at the store???

luckyd880 12

Not everyone has Richard Simmons posters lying around?..

Someone must have done the same thing to him haha

You can't be cockblocked by Richard Simmons, he loves the ****.

I could use some Richard Simmons posters