By Tragic - 27/04/2009 21:50 - United States

Today, I heard my mom ask "Are you okay?" I opened my mouth to tell her about how I've been feeling suicidal lately. At that second, I realized she was talking to my cat. FML
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I really feel bad for you dude. That sucks when you get depressed.

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Seriously, if you've been feeling suicidal, get some help or talk to someone. Don't kill yourself.


I really feel bad for you dude. That sucks when you get depressed.

Don't do it sweetie! it's going to be fine, if you let it pass you'll feel better and be happy you didn't do anything rash!

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Coming from someone who won't put a picture up. -_- afraid of a little judgement? Then don't judge others jerk. 

Nobody should be judging people about being ugly when their name is "fatty pie". Dumbass bitchy hormonal teenage girl that has to insult others about how they look then is too afraid of posting a pic of yourself because you think you may be judged. Go crawl back into your corner.

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Seriously, if you've been feeling suicidal, get some help or talk to someone. Don't kill yourself.

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just because youre suicidal doesnt mean you are "emo" it is called severe depression dumbass and thousands of people get it. even adults so stfu -_-

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umm he didn't say the person was emo

yeah, #3 is right... but at least she knows how YOU feel know... and you'll get help soon, and not committee suicide, which isn't good at all!

The OP said that they realized the mother was speaking to the cat before they said anything.. also, most suicidal people aren't so open as to spill the beans because someone asks "are you okay?" The OP was probably just feeling slightly depressed and needed someone to talk to..

I'm really sorry. Don't commit suicide, it really doesn't solve anything. Just try your best to tough it out, maybe seek some counseling to help you get through. Don't kill yourself. It really hurts the people around you and it will affect your friends and family forever. I'm sorry that you feel that way, but suicide isn't a good solution.

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agreed. suicide doesnt help solve anything

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Sorry :/ Maybe your mom hasn't noticed yet? You should talk to her anyway.

i work around people that have "thoughts" on killing themselves..more often then not the people that truly have problems try and execute their mission on offing themselves..the people that think and talk about it just want to draw attention for themselves and have people care for them..this may sound insensitive..but dont take it the wrong way..

Hey, **** you. You obviously have no idea how frightening & intense suicidal thoughts & feelings can be. I've suffered on & off with them for years, but the last thing I want is for people to take care of me. You should quit your job, as you're probably only doing more harm than good.

Hey, **** you too. They have a point, that most people who actually ARE suicidal will try to kill themselves, and those who are simply depressed will look for someone to talk to, or who will show them sympathy. Not necessarily all depressed people are attention-****** but it is true that a lot of the time they simply want sympathy to make them feel better. They're simply stating that most of the time people who SAY they are suicidal are just looking for attention, because that is what will get them out of their depressed state of mind. So next time you get all emotional, don't start cursing at people who actually know what they are talking about.

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11 and 169, STFU please. Don't judge people so damn quickly. Okay? I felt beyond depressed at a point this year and I still sink in that hole, and all I thought about was suicide, and I just couldn't take ot so I told my mom about it, I wasn't looking for attention, I was looking for help.

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#3, it is a cat OP, dont be an idiot and get some help, and talk to your mom