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Today, I was in a mall bathroom when two girls started making out in the stall next to me. Before I could leave, they got really into it and caused our shared wall to tear from its hinges and collapse on top of me. FML
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That's because they need to get a room. Stalls aren't designed for such intense purposes.

you sure they were makin out? sounds like there was an intense game of battleshits goin on


That's because they need to get a room. Stalls aren't designed for such intense purposes.

Sorry my comment wasn't the wittiest. I was racing for first, so I figured I'd put something down and then go edit it. I ran out of editing time. :-/ But I don't see YOU getting thumbs up, get off my back!

Horny little kids today. They had to hurry before their mommys picked them up and got a lil too feisty. Definitely get a room and if your not old enough to get a room, find a more private, sturdy place.

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This is an FML because you're a female. I'll get down voted but everyone knows it's true.

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I feel like this is a teenage boy's fantasy

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77 - It would be if they were good looking. Seeing as the stall fell through I'd say they were a bit over weight..

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Or the bathroom stall was deteriorating. Public restrooms aren't always known for their amazing upkeep. I've been in several public restrooms where the stalls have been shaky and I felt like they might fall over if just tapped.

Obviously 79, you've never heard of BBW. Some (not many) teenage boys are into that sort of thing. I agree with 89 though. It was probably just really old, really poorly built, or just really cheap. Possibly all three.

If "you're" not smart enough to use homonyms correctly, YOU should get a room - called English class, instead of being on FML!

135 I believe I speak for many when I ask you, what the actual eff is a homonym?

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160- A homonym is two words that sound the same, i.e. their, there, they're and your, you're; and are probably the source of most of the grammar errors on FML and other sites.

You've obviously have never seen Ghost In The Stalls by OlanRogers... Now that's some intense stuff in stalls. :P

OH MY GOSH Olan Rogers is the BEST! And I was just watching that video again like not even twenty minutes ago, no joke! xD he's hilarious!

160, you might want to consider returning to elementary school. You probably don't know about synonyms or antonyms either.

Synonyms have similar definitions and antonyms have opposite definitions. I know all the forms of your and there, I just forgot that the word "homonym" described them. Elementary English may actually be helpful; all we do in high school English is read boring books and analyze the subtext. Last time I actually learned grammar was like middle school. So, if you don't mind, would you and Cinderella_Man be so kind as to hop off my jock?

Actually, you're thinking of a homophone. A homonym are two words that are spelled and pronounced the same, but have different and unrelated meanings (thereby being both a homograph, a pair with the same spelling, and a homophone, a pair with the same pronunciation), such as the word "bank", which can refer to a river bank, a monetary bank, a type of shot in pool, etc.

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The store you were in has some explaining to do

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Not sure I understand your comment? They need to explain why they don't have stronger stalls?

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For the wall. I can't imagine the rest of the store is safe if they have stall walls collapsing on people.

Because it's the duty of every mall to put up a "watch out for horny lesbians" sign.

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10- The wall isn't designed to have that much weight leaning against it. I'm not sure why the store would have to explain why the stalls aren't strong enough...?

#14 your profile pic reminds me of Buckbeak from Harry Potter

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#22- That's pretty funny :P She's a chicken :)

I can tell, but do you see what I am saying?

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I do! Haha. Sorry, I wasn't insulting your intelligence; several people haven't been sure what she is.

Hiimhaileypotter 52

And my earlier comment was intended for #11, not #10, just to clarify.

Warning: When using this bathroom, please use extreme caution, as the stalls may collapse when used to support the weight of horny lesbians.

At least they didn't ask you to join them? Sorry OP

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Why would them asking if OP wanted to join be a bad thing? It would just be common courtesy. I mean someone has to kiss those boo-boos better!

Oh, I don't know. Maybe because most people wouldn't appreciate being propositioned by two strangers currently engaged in sexual activity in public?

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Having two humping strangers fall on you goes a bit beyond the asking stage, I think. If you're lesbian, YDI may not be a bad thing, otherwise, FYL

I'd have to agree that having a wall, plus possibly two people, fall on you would be far worse than an invitation from making out lesbians. Sounds much more painful.

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3- for all you know, that could be why it was an FML

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I think you should be asking if OP is alright because she was the one who had taken the blow for the walls.

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I'm sorry, who got/took a blow?

63 OP got a wall on top on them so I'm going to guess her.

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70 - I believe 63 was trying to make a pun about the lesbians... or maybe I'm just messed up.

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Well... At least they won't get pregnant? You know cause its an epidemic right now... *crawls in corner before the mob comes*

*finds you in corner* *beats you with the stick of down thumbs*

If you knew your comment was awful why did you post it

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See I got here when there were no other comments and the thought of being the first comment was too much pressure. I panicked and wrote the first thing that came to mind. Meh, one day i will be prepared.

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If you have nothing valid to say, then say nothing. This is why the Internet is plagued with "First!!!!" comments. The excitement gets the better of people. Which is really rather sad.

Maybe edit after you post it? 2 mins is enough to post "first" then edit it into something meaningful.

Bow chickachicka bow chickachicka bow chickachicka bow wow!

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in this case I think its "chicka chicka bow wow"

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How's caboose? He still being a dumbass?

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you sure they were makin out? sounds like there was an intense game of battleshits goin on

B5 ( insert fart noise here) YOU SUNK MY BATTLESHIP!!!

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Harold and Kumar go to WhiteCastles movie. I the only one who thinks this is one of the least funniest comments on here? Why so many thumbs up?

72. Looks to me like you are. Maybe you didn't get it? Try reading it again.

Guess I am. I read it again and I still don't find it funny (toilet humour isn't my thing), but oh least it amuses others... *shrugs* : )

116, that's fine. I don't find slap-stick to be funny either. My favorite is witty commentary. Pushing Daisies is funny.

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@18. I think you meant battleSHIT. ;)

Herald and kumar!!!!!! Best weed movies ever haha

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145 - Best weed movies ever? Hellllll no. Cheech and Chong are the best. Harold and Kumar just kind of followed them. Good movies can't say they weren't funny but Cheech and Chong were original.

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This has all the makings of a bad porno.

If it was ****, they would have asked OP to join in.

This has all the makings of a good* porno. Fixed that for you, no charge.

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Lol! In a good porno, the girl in the next stall wouldn't be nursing a concussion from a falling toilet apparatus.

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Well then. That's definitely not normal.

kut17 11

You--you mean when girls go to the bathroom together they don't make out?

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AFAIK... Haven't been in a girls bathroom, so I have no idea what hoes on. They could be storing nuclear weapons for all I know.

Okay, guys. I'll reveal the secret of what really goes on in women's bathrooms. You see, when we go to the bathroom in groups we-- *gets assassinated by a bullet flying through my bedroom window and into my head*

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I think that's where all the cold fusion research happens.

I knew this would happen. I knew that someone would do this. But remember, I was the first Viper!

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This sounds like an awesome dream i would have