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  boone_fml  |  0

Your dad rules. It's very important to know about peeing on trees.

Also, he's a kid. It's a good thing he's taking advantage of almost no consequences and peeing in malls.

  EmiEvelyn  |  12

He's not a kid now, is he?
I think you also hate yourself for the dumb shit you did in your childhood unless you're one of those remorseless narcissists.

  Jay9313  |  0

Not everyone that lives in West Virginia is a "hick". The only reason that stereotype is there is because some idiotic reporter paid the Hatfield's and McCoy's some money to dress like they were poor when they were having a family feud during the early 1900's and those pictures got posted to the New York Times paper. That's where the stereotype comes from, and is not true to the whole state.

  Ethoboy  |  0

Can we just talk about this for a second? I do believe (and I may be incorrect, but I think otherwise) that for your comment to be grammatically correct it would have to read something like this: "You, sir, fail. Before attempting to insult, try to actually use proper capitalization. You've made an improper sentence structure, which makes you a dumb ass."

Practice what you PREACH PREACH PREACH.

  Emma_91  |  0

#39 So you're whining about your people making bad jokes about your home state, in the exact same post that you insult the North? No I don't agree with stereotypes, but seriously chill.