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i have my own opinons and i express them freely so don't expect me to be nice about someone who effed up and put it on the internet, if their bold enough to do that they should be able to take it. also i love to make people mad on here, its soo effin funny especially when it comes to politics(: sometimes i just think some people need to grow a brain or go jump off a bridge (not litterally of course but they saying fits the par) because they sure as hell don't make any sense and can't state a real argument for their cause! but whatevs(: i love real fml's i hate on "fake" or "copied" ones people who post them need to grow a brain, and at least be a little more creative than either saying something that is totally absurd or just copy and pasting another fml and possibly changing a few words.i am not a friend of the hypocritical PETA, i love the nra. i believe in my guns and my speech. and most importantly my God

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