By itendstonight - / Sunday 9 August 2009 12:42 / Ireland
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  CL41RE  |  0

Why do all the "first" comments get buried? It isn't THAT annoying -_-. It's cool to be the first to comment out of hundreds of people, I could imagine. Get over it.
I'm confused on this fml, you won a trophy a few weeks ago that's 50 years old?

By  BLNovelist  |  0

That's when you send both of them to your team with the trophy, go with them, and make THEM explain what happened to it. Then they can pay to have it cleaned, etc.

  orbit  |  22

It's kind of hard to force someone to do something like that. They could easily just laugh in your face and walk away if op tried to.

  phiaphia  |  0

its not that hard...... theres one trophy, and i dont know how reguarly they do baseball matches or anything but say its yearly, every year there will be a different winner. So team A wins, they get the trophy for a year, then next year team B wins and the trophy gets passed on to them who have it for a year , and so and so forth, for 50 years.

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