By itendstonight - 09/08/2009 12:42 - Ireland

Today, it was my turn to have the trophy my baseball team won a few weeks ago. I then find out that my brother and his buddies thought it would be funny to fill the trophy up with beer, drink the beer, and then pee in it. Not only is it over 50yrs old, it stinks of pee and is due back tomorrow. FML
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you could wash it... or did you not think of that yet?

omg what a bunch of assholes!! u should get revenge!


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first to complain about you saying you're first

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That's great!!! Tell them about my team pissing in it last year!!!

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Why do all the "first" comments get buried? It isn't THAT annoying -_-. It's cool to be the first to comment out of hundreds of people, I could imagine. Get over it. And I'm confused on this fml, you won a trophy a few weeks ago that's 50 years old?

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A lot of trophies for annual contests are yours for a year, when you have to hand it over to whomever wins it the next time.

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Dude. Lemon Pledge that shit. (Or whatever the equivalent is near you.) The smell is strong enough to cover the smell. Just say you wanted to clean it?

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They don't play baseball in ireland. and they dont call their mates 'buddies'

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the trophy it self is fifty years old. they won it a few weeks ago.

you could wash it... or did you not think of that yet?

He obviously tried to wash it, try using baking soda to get rid of the stench. If you didn't wash it like mad. =)

try vinegar as well if the baking soda didn't work

Try vinegar AND baking soda, it's very effective but might wash off the paint though...

That was my thought. Apparently people in Ireland don't clean... or something.

They would smell the cleaning stuff. I say, if it's going to smell, use something crazy... like make it smell like pumpkin pie or something.

he is irish .. dont expect too much from him :P i live between such clowns every day

omg what a bunch of assholes!! u should get revenge!

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YDI for not drinking beer out of it with them!

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baseball in ireland? hahahah JK

That's when you send both of them to your team with the trophy, go with them, and make THEM explain what happened to it. Then they can pay to have it cleaned, etc.

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It's kind of hard to force someone to do something like that. They could easily just laugh in your face and walk away if op tried to.


that sucks, piss on his face when he's asleep then shit in his shoes, now to me that's great payback (insert evil laugh here)

wait. i might just be really dumb right now, but what do you mean by "its over 50 yrs old" and that your team won it "a few weeks ago"

its not that hard...... theres one trophy, and i dont know how reguarly they do baseball matches or anything but say its yearly, every year there will be a different winner. So team A wins, they get the trophy for a year, then next year team B wins and the trophy gets passed on to them who have it for a year , and so and so forth, for 50 years.

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That's what had me confused too...

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How is it over 50 years old and you won it a few weeks ago, was it passed down from previous teams?

If it wasn't, they wouldn't have to return it either.