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  drawmesunshine  |  17

I had fowl thoughts at first, too, but then I started thinking... Maybe, just maybe the "chicken" in question was actually a chicken-shit individual who panicked. Claustrophobic perhaps?

But no, OP probably meant an actual chicken.

  sens3sfailing  |  24

The funny thing is he had to get into an elevator and stay in it with a chicken before it got stuck. He accepted the fact there was a chicken before the thing got stuck lol

By  ewputthataway  |  0

Im lovin it :D ~fail attempt at a good comment~

  ItsTheKing  |  10

If you add "fail attempt at a good comment" to the end of your comment, it actually makes it a fail attempt at a good comment. Otherwise the comment would have been just fine.

  J3R3MYY  |  14

Im sorry 7 I looked at ur pic and completely forgot what the FML was about and it kinda looked like you were talking about your own pic. Lol

  diidiimi  |  10

Ewwwww.... Just thinking about that stuff makes me feel sick! :-( And now I've got a mental image of a live chicken going frantic in an elevator covered in grease. Thanks.