By Anonymous - 24/11/2011 10:35 - United Kingdom

Today, I got trapped in an elevator with a chicken. FML
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Now how did that happen?


He should take it home and eat it!

Was there Peter Griffin also?

If one is trapped in an elevator one can not simply walk home with that chicken.

Am I the only one confused about why there was a chicken in the elevator in the first place? Wasn't he supposed to be crossing the road?? >xD

Was it good?

Well if you get hungry...

Damn chickens. Getting indoors somehow and then getting stuck in elevators.

47- but why are we questioning the chicken's motives?

47- maybe he already crossed the road

I had fowl thoughts at first, too, but then I started thinking... Maybe, just maybe the "chicken" in question was actually a chicken-shit individual who panicked. Claustrophobic perhaps? But no, OP probably meant an actual chicken.

47 how do you think he got in the elevator...

Woah! Where do u go 2 hav chickens in elevators with u!!! That is great!

I wonder if it's the same chicken then the one in the other FML some crazy customer threw at the OP..

Pretty sure that was a turkey.

That's cute:D

Yep, it was.

That was a turkey .. And it was dead

Eh, they're both poultry. That being said, who gets a turkey and a chicken mixed up?!

He should've choked it

Oh crap, you're right I did mix up a turkey with a chicken.. Let's pretend it was a cow and we're all good..

It's obvious that the chicken was trying to get to the ground floor so it could cross the road...

Who said the chicken was alive? Maybe it was a ZOMBIE chicken, heh? ever thought of that?

If I were in OPs shoes, I would be entertained by the chicken

You got food, don't you? At least you won't starve.

Aw man I hate (w)hen that happens!

At least OP won't starve if he's stuck for long.

I know!! Who doesn't love being stuck in an elevator with a cock??

I want to live in a world where chickens can freely cross the road without their motives being questoned.

Sadly, that can never be...

The funny thing is he had to get into an elevator and stay in it with a chicken before it got stuck. He accepted the fact there was a chicken before the thing got stuck lol

What type of sauce did you eat it with?

Im lovin it :D ~fail attempt at a good comment~

If you add "fail attempt at a good comment" to the end of your comment, it actually makes it a fail attempt at a good comment. Otherwise the comment would have been just fine.

Nice try #2. So close yet so far...

Oh man, I can actually hear how low this person's self-confidence is through a comment left on FML. -2

No...just no...

I like you just cuz u like mcr.

Now how did that happen?

That's what I want to know.

The Hangover Part III maybe?

Maybe someone put the chicken in the elevator as a prank then OP got in without realizing it was in there? Thus the FML :D

Or maybe the chicken crossed the street to get into the elevator.

Or maybe it was for initiation to the Phoenix

So 76 why did the chicken take the elevator?

He took the elevator because he had an elusive chickens-only Thanksgiving party to attend.

^Cannibalism? According to 169 it would be anyway.

To get to the other floor

I hope you're not claustrophobic.

Or Alektorophobic

Chickens aren't as scary as roosters. Holy god, roosters are freaky.

A chicken can turn IN to a rooster if there isn't one around

*INTO. Not IN to.

I was once stuck on the escalators...

I must say, I'm semi jealous o.O

Yay free food :)

well now you have an interesting story to share

DON'T pet it. They bite.

Chickens peck...

Im sorry 7 I looked at ur pic and completely forgot what the FML was about and it kinda looked like you were talking about your own pic. Lol

My friend has 5 chickens and they dont bite. They're soft and love to be held. :)

Unless you poke em with a stick

Yeah my chicken was awesome. She was soo sweet. :)

Then I guess they just don't like me..

Chickens don't have teeth. Couldn't the chicken also be a person? As in a scared person? An actual chicken would be better.

Are we talking fried or baked?

Does it matter? :D

Very true, chicken is still chicken no matter how you cook it

Oh, or grilled! Mmmmm :P

I thought it was alive

Are we asking if the OP or the chicken was fried or baked?

OP wasn't baked, but the chicken was. He Wanted to be baked, but it's not Amsterdam, the chicken was being stingy.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your new cock.

Was it KFC???

Actually, it was Popeye's.

Actually, it was Church's.

Actually, it was McDonalds. LOL jk McDonalds doesn't use chickens.

Yeah, they use mystery meat

Exactly what i was thinking!!

Ewwwww.... Just thinking about that stuff makes me feel sick! :-( And now I've got a mental image of a live chicken going frantic in an elevator covered in grease. Thanks.

KFC stands for Kentucky fried chicken. Name of a fast food restaurant . ( we just call it dirty bird for short.)