By ClaustrophobicNightmares - 28/03/2014 08:42 - Saudi Arabia - Riyadh

Today, I was stuck in the elevator for almost two hours. Where was the elevator mechanic? Next to me in the elevator. FML
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I would try and make some sort of joke, but the gears aren't really turning in my head


I would try and make some sort of joke, but the gears aren't really turning in my head

I'd make an elevator pun, but that's just beneath me. Oh alright then, I might aswell raise the level of me punning since I'm commited: Well now OP has learned to take steps to avoid elevators.

babygurll19 10

For elevators, try thinking "outside the box." I'm sure you'll succeed on "many levels."

These puns are driving me up and down the walls.

That experience couldn't have possibly elevated you.

DaMann360 19

I'm not good at puns so I'm just gunna say that those puns are corny. At least they're not....cheesy

You're right about not being good at puns... Let us show you the ropes. Maybe one day you can rise to our level.


These puns really push my buttons. I tried to think of one myself, but I got stuck.

Life definitely has its ups and downs

blackman100 20

This conversation seems to have elevated rather quickly.

What an uplifting experience that would have been!

I'm sure this experience was a bit of a let down and didn't elevate your opinion of the elevator mechanic and his ability.

At least you weren't with someone who would freak out and make things worse

falon142012 22

Their username makes it seem as if THEY are the one who freaks out! Lol.

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I once got locked in an elevator with someone who smelled really, REALLY bad. So yes, it most definitely could have been worse.

"Love in an elevator! Livin' it up when I'm goin' down!"

The elevator music would suddenly get really funky.

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Dean you are confusing **** with reality again

AnOriginalName 19

And then he would get up while she goes down.

Nyarlothatep 12

At least I'm not the only one who watches too much Supernatural...

@3 I read your comment the same time you were at +69 votes. FML agrees with you.

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#55 , so does #3 facial expression

Hopefully he was more helpful than your standard, panicking, elevator-bound citizen..

try the emergency phone maybe. don't firefighters have access to the emergency key ??

shouldn't he be the one person that has a key to that hatch that's never locked in movies?

Those are really locked and on top of the car. They only unlock from top that is.

"There is no spoon" "I still think this is unnecessary"

You should have gone all Man vs Machine and Macgyvered your way out with the mechanic as your sidekick. Or maybe create a simple society with the mechanic as your minion. Your choice.

I got stuck in an elevator twice when I was about 5 and a bit older. I was terrified of elevators for years and I was only on there for about 1/2 hour to an hour. I can only imagine OP :/

I am afraid because every time I am in one i look at the weight capacity and then count how man fat people there are and times 250 by the amount.

skittycat213 19

At least he didn't offer you a budweiser... Stupid commercials