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Motherbitch, he was in there for FOUR hours. There's no way he could have expected to be in such a large Dill pickle.

And besides, what if he was already holding it in? The OP most likely knew how long the elevator took to go from A to B, so he knew he was capable of waiting that short time.

By  cootiequeen4444  |  11

you waited 4 hours. it was in the shaft and not the actually elevator room. you did what you could do beyond holding even longer, but idk... that might end up in you accidently pissing yourself... and I know I would probably be disgruntled enough to be like "I don't care what you fuckers think you took to long to get me I had to pee" (though yeah, it would still be embarassing.). so dont worry too much, OP... although I'm hoping you really meant the elevator shaft is where you peed and not the elevator itself... I'd gather that would be possible to do if the first set of elevator doors opened and not the floor/building doors.. though.. small target area to be able to do this I'd imagine. you didn't end up peeing on your rescuers did you? >_>

By  xercister  |  19

From the guy that was there when the doors open..

Today, while I was waiting for the elevator, which was taking a long time, I really had the urge to go bathroom... When the doors finally opened, I saw another person pee'ing which really made my bladder hurt... I think some might have come out...FML