By Username - 08/01/2011 07:01 - United States

Today, I got to listen to my younger brother have sex with a girl while I sat in my room playing World of Warcraft on a Friday night. FML
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You'll probably get flamed for playing WoW rather than socialising, but I for one feel for you.

Random girl? Talk about "random" STD's It's okay dude you're not missing out!


damn OP, go get some.

no shit capt. random girls like that just waiting for it

why was your 12 year old brother having sex?

first of all RPG's suck, and second YDI for playing WOW when you could be getting some

You're calling him the idiot when you are there making the most pathetic face any woman can make, and still think it's sexy! Friends don't let friends make Duckface!

are u goin to give him some cause oviously his weekends are filled with dungeon raiding instead of talking to women

118 looks like a dragon

hahahah for some reason I love 130's comment ! pure WIN :D

130 has it right. The middle finger doesn't add any class either.

wow is awesome dont deny it. but im sure op wished they were having sex instead of playing wow.

thank you kind sir

Nobody said he was 12

RP servers don't give as much satisfaction as real life xxx material :p

and that is why you don't get any. Whats an RPG or RP server they sound similar

You'll probably get flamed for playing WoW rather than socialising, but I for one feel for you.

Don't hate on him TOO hard. If you could do the same thing, would you?

hey ur really pretty, just thought to let u kno

your brother is fucked up. I would of let you have a turn.

Internet porn & a bottle of lotion should take care of that.

Don't forget tissues and a lock on the door, to avoid awkward post-action questions

I don't have a lock on my door =[

yayyy random whores digital boobies

Random girl? Talk about "random" STD's It's okay dude you're not missing out!

one of them religious "no-sex-before-marriage"(but I got the clap from my husband who had that "business" trip to Thailand) zealots eh?

rule one when having sex with a stranger is to use a condom ALWAYS USE CONDOMS WITH STRANGERS

Condom AND some other form of good contraception.

ALWAYS USE CONDOMS WITH STRANGERS and don't even think about kissing her

Does a plastic bag count?

A tisket a tasket a condom or a casket

Dave - "Don't even think about kissing her." Really? *facepalm* I can understand refraining from having sex until you know she's clean, but kissing?! I don't think anyone refrains from kissing during a hookup/date.

number 7, u are an uptight crazy lady with 30 cats. normal people like sex and if with a total stranger it's exciting and fun! I'm ok with everyone saying to use a condom but preaching abstinence is like throwing a 2 year old in a candy store and not letting him have anything. op should just hang out with his bro more and practice safe sex

i see so every girl thats a stranger has some sort of std ...... cant argue with that logic

Maybe NOT playing video games would get you laid more. Turn off your computer and go meet some real people

Forrreal. Guys and their games, getting ridiculous.

I play video games, that automatically makes me anti social? I know and socialize with 90% of my school. The other 10% is annoying freshman and drugged up morons.

how many girls are in his room. they don't line up or anything???? he just takes them randomly? little brother should be giving you lessons

I guess noone forced you.. ? Go out and get a girl if thats what you want.. stay home and game if thats what you want.. its your choice ;)