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Today, I accidentally left my bedroom light on all day. When I got home, my mum screamed at me for wasting electricity. This is the same woman who leaves the TV on all day while she’s at work, all so our dogs have something to watch and won't be “bored”. FML
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By  Welshite  |  39

But it's recommended that a tv is left on for dogs. It tends to calm them by giving them the impression they aren't alone. This is a pretty common technique for dog owners.

  anlong93  |  9

My sister purchased the Dog TV channel on DirecTV for her Pit, who has separation anxiety. She actually watches it, and it has interesting colors and pictures.

  zaarae  |  7

honestly not messing around our dogs like family guy. They will bark all day long if the tv isn't on while we are at work. Our husky the barker likes family guy and hates American dad our lab he likes anything especially animal planet or documentaries. we set up a Web cam feed to watch them and if American dad is on our husky will bark and howl except between episodes. but will watch or sleep with family guy and not make a peep.

By  Welshite  |  39

But it's recommended that a tv is left on for dogs. It tends to calm them by giving them the impression they aren't alone. This is a pretty common technique for dog owners.

  ohjoy15  |  33

Yeah I was going to agree! The white noise keeps them calm, especially a channel with people's voices. My alsatian has separation anxiety. This works really well.

At least their mom's TV thing is serving a purpose. Leaving your light on by accident isn't comparable. In my opinion. Just my 2 cents.

  MoxleyCrue  |  17

I logged in just to leave that comment, 5. If you're going to be gone for hours, the dog needs to hear voices/have stimulation.
Also, I don't know why #9 is getting down voted. While OP may not have deserved getting yelled at, they really are very different things.

  Kiernan151  |  25

My last dog would actually watch tv with me, she would sit next to me and stare at the screen for hours, and when we left she would watch it. I always left it on for her because she loved it so much.

  Soverain  |  15

Leaving the TV on for the dogs is fine but you shouldn't berate your own child for such a silly matter. I find it rather hypocritical of the mom irregardless of the fact that the TV is used for "white noise."

  F_OFF_D  |  4

For dogs?
By who?
They're animals,not children so don't treat them as such.
Just because they're domesticated does not mean they're not an animal.
This is how some of these so called "pet owners" get into a lot of shit and create pet issues with these kind of actions.
Treating your pets as a human being will only cause more damage to them.
The number one reason pets have separation anxiety is because of this practice some of these pet owners think up.

  Bloodmorphed  |  7

oh man the arrogance in this ignorant post is almost painful to just read. many vets have recommended to me personally that if a dog shows signs of separation anxiety leave the tv on. It really isn't hard to understand the concept. Perhaps it works with a radio too never tried. I know 100% that it works with a TV though. Unless your dog is smart enough to know it is not real.

  mudkipsan  |  19

Even assuming the worst - a 100W standard bulb, for a full 24 hours, at double the rate I pay for my electricity, is still only 48 cents per bulb per day. Nothing to lose your mind over, at all.

By  Tikaani96  |  15

Well I mean it is her house and she pays the bills not you. Although it was a bit uncalled for to be yelled at.

Besides my dogs watch tv and it's comforting for them to believe someone is in the house and they aren't alone.

It also can prevent burglars (in some cases) since they will believe someone is home if the tv is on.