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Today, I listened to my best friend describe having sex with her boyfriend in explicit detail. This would have been fine, but her boyfriend is my little brother. FML
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Lol I hope your little brother isn't too little

start hooking up with their sibling too


Lol I hope your little brother isn't too little

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So he can **** op's brains out so she won't remember this conversation? Nice thinking.

start hooking up with their sibling too

unless she doesn't have siblings, then just do her dad. see how she likes knowing sick jk

incoherentrmblr 21

This isn't We're the Millers...

No. Just no. I cringed reading that. So sorry, OP. Time to explain boundaries.

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That's nasty *Raven Baxter's voice*

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Don't use sarcasm, we don't understand if your being sarcastic or your just stupid

Don't criticize someone else for being stupid when you can't use periods and can't tell the difference between your and you're.

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Well, at least you can give your brother feedback on how good/bad he's doing... Seriously tho, people should realize that there's such a thing as too much fuking information!!

As in, too much information about *******.

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Or as in "information about too much *******".

Or as in "******* information a bit too much".

That's probably a whole lot more than you needed to know

Yes. And you didn't have to stick around and listen to it. Next time tell her you're not comfortable hearing that kind of stuff about your brother.

It didn't occur to you to say "shut up"? Some things are meant to be private. Details of her sex life with your kid brother is one of them!

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Some people just dont know the whole TMI rule nor do some know when to enforce it

Also known as common sense. Talk about TMI.

Agreed, OP should've told her to stop and if she didn't, then just walk away. Sounds like it didn't bother OP that much. If it was me I would've walked away until she said she'd talk about something else.

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Yeah that's not something you'd need to know. Though I have a bigger question why are so many dating their friends younger brother or sister. It puts you in a bad spot if something happens. I'd never date a friends family, since any arguments or turmoil in general could also wreck the friendship.