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Today, I got stuck in a three-hour traffic jam because I sneezed and missed the road I was meant to take. FML
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At least put some effort into the comment. If it's on fml of course it's gonna be terrible. I'm tired of reading stupid comments.

I refuse to add any effort to my commenting. Such is my right.

You obviously don't put effort in your grammar either by the looks of your second comment...

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Wonder why those "snotty" bitches didn't let you turn around..

31-Pot. Kettle. Black. That's sucks traffic jams are the devils work.

Well, that's rich. We have one person commenting on someone's bad grammar, who then, even though she didn't make any grammatical errors, is corrected by someone else who apparently doesn't know how to use proper grammar. It's a grammar nazi endless loop!

I don't want to live on this planet anymore.

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*yawn* - Wake up to muted sunlight and birds chirping - Idly reach for my phone, chuckle at FMLs, read comments - Mildly entertained by the inevitable 276-post argument on the sacred first comment - Wonder how long it'll last before mods delete the whole thing. *yawn* SSDD

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At least you didn't get into a car accident!

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I find OP's wording ironic...he referred to it as the road he "was meant" to take. Surely it was the road he *meant* to take, when the hand of fate reached down and made him sneeze so he traveled down the road he *was meant* to take... Just a thought :)

"You are not stuck in traffic, 'You' are traffic." - Unknown

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You could've sneezed and accidentally hit a motorcyclist. Other traffic would have had to have swerved to avoid hitting the man and inadvertently hit other vehicles in the process. Not only would you have cause a 37 car, 4 lane pile up but you would have been charged with at least 14 counts of vehicular manslaughter among numerous other charges. You would have been sentenced for 25 to life in a prison where the only job you would have is to be "Tiny's" shower bitch. Then, the only person who would visit you in jail is your mother who would bring you peanut brittle every week. Too bad your ******* allergic to peanuts. And you were worried about missing a turn.

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34- There happens to be a button for that.

Some of us solely use the app, so quit smartassing. :)

Could've sneezed and rammed into another car

Did that in Chicago a few days ago. Really sucks when you end up in the projects in a semi.

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Chicago has two seasons: winter and construction. I live here and I hate both but still couldnt bring myself to leave this beautiful city.

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How long do your sneezes last?!

Longer than that pause after Dora asks, "What was your favorite part?"

Exactly, you should always see where you're turning way before two seconds ahead of it, or however long a sneeze takes.

Fyl. I hope you don't drive a standard!

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How do you miss a road because you sneezed??! Must be some aggressive sneezing haha

Well bless u but more importantly I bless you!