By headache - 23/02/2015 01:41 - United States

Today, I hit my head on the steering wheel when I sneezed. I managed to honk the horn and the guy next to me couldn't stop laughing. FML
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I don't blame him.

Charles900 16

I'm sorry, OP, but that is rather amusing.


codytallica 38


A07 48

Congratulations, good job man.

You're so 2000 late.

Epikatz 22

Why the hell do people say stupid shit like this just to get the first comment? At least put some effort in, you don't get a friggin' trophy for commenting first.

I don't blame him.

Yakob_Smirnoff 4

i feel for your embarrasment at that moment

neither do i

I don't blame him either. Hell, I'd probably laugh at myself if it happened to me.

Charles900 16

I'm sorry, OP, but that is rather amusing.

Good heavens, you're a hazard. ;)

If i were him, I would do the same. You should probably act like nothing happened, hahaha

That, or laugh at yourself for the accomplishment

Bless you! Gesundheit!

meli1195 31

A little embarrassment is better than having to pay for repairs caused by a sneezing fit OP.

Glad the airbag didn't go off.

Well i bet you made this guys day!!

Just be glad you aren't one of those people who always sneeze multiple times in a row!