By Mikimiks93 - 2/7/2010 15:05 - South Africa
Today, while driving on a totally deserted, long, straight road in the middle of the bush, I sneezed and drove right into a pole on the side of the road. It was the only pole for over 50 km. FML
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  slimjim8094  |  12

women drive vastly fewer miles. although admittedly guys' accidents tend to be far bigger, women have nearly twice as many. it comes down to men having a more developed spatial processing system than women, so they know where the car is, and what it can do, better.

  ZleveL  |  0

lol 78 you dirty fool XD

samanthadude which one is you?
art thou thy darker maiden?

henceforth, whereforth, shoppe, ye olde

old English ftw

  TheNewGuy03  |  28

i have yet to lose control of my car while doing so, but i apparently have pretty powerful sneezes. like bang-your-head-on-the-desk-in-a-quiet-room sneezes. so i can see it as a possibility, at least.

|the kid|

By  ArtIsResistance7  |  1

Did you have a sneeze attack?! This seems highly unlikely unless you are one of those people that sneeze like there is a demon coming out of their nose. Otherwise, the universe just wanted to stick it to you.