By Mikimiks93 - 02/07/2010 15:05 - South Africa

Today, while driving on a totally deserted, long, straight road in the middle of the bush, I sneezed and drove right into a pole on the side of the road. It was the only pole for over 50 km. FML
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everyone respond to this so there will be no more thread jacking

lol whos seen m night shamalans "signs". good movie.

Before you sneezed you should have said "Pika". So that way you'd say Pikachu!

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Don't get eaten by the big furry kitties.

female drivers. wouldn't expect anything less...

Lol 13, that makes a lot of sense, considering our insurance is lower.

LOL you must have the worst luck...hope your car still works!

How does sneezing cause you to lose all control of your car and run into a pole?

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38- only when someone is lying

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lol @ 10 My sneezes are really high pitched. :P

finally, a fml that makes sense. that is if you totaled out your ride with no cell signal and sat stranded in the bush

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OP was probably giving road head lol

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that must it been one he'll of a sneeze

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73 no shit that's why she crashed idiot

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anyone else get the funny part of this? there's some bush and a pole sticking out...hehe

HAHAHAHAHHHAHA!!! women drivers LMFAO and yea @27 ur insurance is only less cuz women make less money

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why was she driving in the kitchen?

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women drive vastly fewer miles. although admittedly guys' accidents tend to be far bigger, women have nearly twice as many. it comes down to men having a more developed spatial processing system than women, so they know where the car is, and what it can do, better.

lol 78 you dirty fool XD samanthadude which one is you? art thou thy darker maiden? henceforth, whereforth, shoppe, ye olde old English ftw

*which one ARE you? oh silly me :p

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the only big furry kitties I've seen are on the women who haven't shaved in quite a while

i have yet to lose control of my car while doing so, but i apparently have pretty powerful sneezes. like bang-your-head-on-the-desk-in-a-quiet-room sneezes. so i can see it as a possibility, at least. |the kid|

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Probably really low :P but it happened, sucks for you

Had to be karma. Or God just hates you today, in which case I send sympathy hugs.

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Did you have a sneeze attack?! This seems highly unlikely unless you are one of those people that sneeze like there is a demon coming out of their nose. Otherwise, the universe just wanted to stick it to you.

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ya a lot of people, mostly girls, apologize for running into my pole "accidently".