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Today, my 14-year-old brother told me he needed help with something "very personal." Thinking he wanted girlfriend advice or something, I said, "Sure, no problem". He wanted me to shave his butt crack. FML
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liquid_sasquatch tells us more.

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Half the comments so far really cracked me up! xD Of course I'll never answer the question most asked =]

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destinee_95 2

I guess brotherhood isn't all it is cracked up to be hahaha


And what should OP use to gouge out his/her own eyes?

Butt hair grows back to be uncomfortably itchy, which I learned from an uncomfortable conversation with my father

hwkfan1 10

well then I guess he'll be itching his butt a "shit" ton.

tjv3 10

Thank you OP I needed that laugh

The "No. Just no" shit is getting just as annoying as the puns.

ant1ion 12
ant1ion 12

Yeah I was extremely tired last night I'm sorry for the weird comment, I don't even remember posting this

Nice to see Sex Pistols fans on this website. I thought I was the only one.

#34. I guess you didn't get the memo but we don't talk to each other here unless there's an argument.

Jesus christ, I was only making an observation.

It looks like there's going to be an argument! You may continue your conversation now; but remember, means words!

ZX6Rninja 0

Sounds like a hairy situation 2, your a idea theiving bastard

xSonic 9

2, 4, and 14. Please remove yourselves from this world.

Sonic died in the 90s so stfu you self-centered ******* pice of **** sucking shit Who the **** tells people to remove there self from the world it's dumb ***** like you that your mom needed to learn to swallow

thejewishfuhrer 17

No no no, 2 comes before 4. You're an idea thieving *****.

unknown_user5566 26

44- Um, chill out, kiddo. Your comment was much worse than the one you were berating.

Calm your nuggets... Sounds like someone needs a hug. *hug*

Whoa whoa 44 what's up with all the hostility, dude it's just a comment don't get so worked up.

44 have you ever heard of using punctuation? Holy crap. Chill the **** out dude. Your comment gave me a headache. And you're not any better than the person you were telling off, don't be so hypocritical.

73, I know, right? It's like people forgot everything that was in that 8th grade English class! At least TRY to speak proper English.

70 - 'You're an* idea thieving bastard' would be the correct way to write it.

TwiztedYuri 9

and its angry ducks like you that go columbine due to anger issues. just cause you parents never loved you. its ok there MAY be someone.... or thing for you in this world.

DontClickOnMe 28

Ewww. I hope you said nevermind after that.

**** I clicked again and i dont know why, but the pic is scary as hell.

destinee_95 2

I guess brotherhood isn't all it is cracked up to be hahaha

thejewishfuhrer 17

God dammit I actually like this pun.

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liquid_sasquatch 10

You came up with my my favorite comment ;) I've thought of dozens of similar things since the original incident, "butt" #6 said it the best!

The real question: why is he so concerned about shaving his butt crack?

That's what I was wondering. I'm thinking that the reason rhymes with shingleberry?

Because no hair makes you more Aerodynamic when you fight of course.

unknown_user5566 26

8- Because "What, what, in the butt" was not created for someone with a hairy buttcrack. :)

50 Hahaha that's what I was thinking. Well not much else to say after that.

unknown_user5566 26

55- Haha, exactly. Trim and maintain. Waxing in that area seems like cruel and unusual punishment.

61 Seriously. Ugh just thinking about it makes me feel bad for anyone who has gone through it.

8- Maybe he's gay and just wants to be ready when he gets ****** in the A.

Has no one heard of wax?!? I did not know guys cared enough to actually tame the beast back there. I thought guys left it looking like a bunch of daddy longlegs got stuck in that crevice mid-migration. *wigglewigglewiggle* "help!" Lol good to know some guys manscape.

You're so... observant. What a visual. Spiders in the crack! ::gags:: Sometimes it's best to avert the eyes and eventually you get used to it. Of course attention to detail in any respect hygienically is a plus. No full body waxes though, please, to all the mens out there. Some hair is sexy too!!

unknown_user5566 26

9- Wax in the buttcrack area does not sound pleasant...

That's man scape to the extreme. I mean if it's long enough to braid you might want to trim it up or something but wax sounds like death.

unknown_user5566 26

58- Agreed. Death by Nair or other related products is anything but dignified.

#9 you made my day.. That mental image made me crack up so bad.

let's just hope he doesn't ask for a bleaching afterwards..

Omg I couldn't stop laughing at your comment

Wax is not that bad! You'll used to it :D (but I never knew hair could grow there!!! I learn something new everyday)

63- omg Nairobi should never ever ever ever go near that area. That's asking for trouble. 58- it's not extreme. I'm from NY and a lot of guys (gay AND straight) get that area waxed. I heard that for guys it does hurt but everyone always loves the end-result. Some guys like the smoothness of their balls (sorry if that's TMI) with the 'back,sack &crack' package deal. However, it's not a DIY job. You HAVE to go to a professional. I know a guy who tried to DIY and waxed off a piece of his scrotal skin. *shudders* Glad you guys liked the imagery in the comment :D

63- wow that was suppose to say 'Nair.' however, Nairobi shouldn't get near that area either.

Wow my initial and subsequent comments conflict. What I meant was that in NY it It's common to manscape that way, but outside of metropolitan areas, almost no guys ever get it done. It surprised me that other guys would care because in other areas it's more taboo to groom that way. But if they did, it would be normal because guys here do it all the time. Hope I didn't confuse anyone.