By Anonymous - 06/11/2011 21:05 - United Kingdom

Today, the motorway I usually use was closed off due to a major car accident. With no way off the freeway, my trip took three times longer than usual. I lost control of my bladder mid-way. FML
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Better than actually being in the crash.

you don't store shit in your bladder.


sounds like you had a pretty pissy time.

free2speak 14

I have peed in two of my cars. one was a red mustang with a leather interior and other a corolla with cloth seats. sometimes when you gotta go, you gotta go. didn't even have time to pull over. :/

caelrion 1

sounds like you had a pretty shitty time.

you don't store shit in your bladder.

Sounds like you tried to make a shitty pun...(#1)

Sounds like the sounds like joke died a few comments ago.

That wasn't a shitty pun. I pissed myself just reading it.

At least you weren't one of the 7 people who died. Or the 51 injured.....

natashax21 5

31- Which is why we will now switch to the Looks Like joke.

angry_anonymous 5

As in so do you for not getting it?

Actually I did get it. Hence the "Looks like." stupid people nowadays...

chowE_fml 4

Lets Hope this guy has leather seats

natashax21 5

Why do I feel like this is a bad game of pictionary?

Oh boo hoo! You had a long trip and pissed yourself. Meanwhile, somebody's probably dead in a MAJOR CAR ACCIDENT!

free2speak 14

There are so many orphans in the world dying of starvation this very minute and BOO HOO you're on FML.

yeah, 7 people died and 51 injured. was all over the news in England today. RIP those who died :(

crazyrunnergirl 7

Looks like it's time for the diapers to come out!

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did you stop to clean up atleast

chowE_fml 4

Let's hope this guy has leather seats

Better than actually being in the crash.

Yeh 7 people died in that crash so I don't think you pissing yourself is that big a deal!! Inconsiderate bastard!!

7 people may of died but I don't think he new at the time IMO I think you should think befor you say stuff dude :-/

xosportsgirl14x 8

7- wth? Really? I'm sure there were several major crashes in all of the UK...

The crash happened Friday. It's been headline news over the country all weekend. Maybe the OP should be the one to think before they speak...

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You are no longer a master of your own bladder.

natashax21 5

Pshtt no one is the master of their own bladder. The bladder is like our pimp and we hoes gotta do whatever it commands.

Aha. That sucks. Oh well. At least your not the one in the car accident.

natashax21 5

looks like you had a pretty crappy day :P I think you need a huggy or some pampersing ;)