Today, the motorway I usually use was closed off due to a major car accident. With no way off the freeway, my trip took three times longer than usual. I lost control of my bladder mid-way. FML

By Anonymous / Sunday 6 November 2011 21:05 / United Kingdom
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  free2speak  |  14

I have peed in two of my cars. one was a red mustang with a leather interior and other a corolla with cloth seats. sometimes when you gotta go, you gotta go. didn't even have time to pull over. :/

  caelrion  |  1

sounds like you had a pretty shitty time.


Sounds like you tried to make a shitty pun...(#1)

  fabian21  |  0

That wasn't a shitty pun. I pissed myself just reading it.

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