By NoPainNoGain - United States
Today, I got my wisdom teeth pulled. Apparently the medicines don't work on me. I woke up in the middle of the surgery and felt EVERYTHING. One of the nurses asked if I was okay, and the doctor just kept saying "Don't worry she's just dreaming", while tears were pouring down my face. FML
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  TheLetterZero  |  7

And the "Yo person, blah blah blah, I'mma let you finish, but blah is the best blah of all time" meme was created by a famous man named Kayne West.
It doesn't matter who founded them, they are just memes in the end.

By  taz1  |  1

^ do you really think she wouldn't have moved if she could've?! Its extremely rare but some people are not properly anethetized by certain anesthetics, they are paralyzed but are conscious or semi-conscious & can still feel everything.
Wow that really really sucks, sounds like my worst nightmare! FYL indeed!

  mariiax5  |  0

it's not pulling teeth, it's cutting open the gums in the back of your mouth and breaking the teeth into pieces to be able to CUT THEM OUT. and, it takes hours. it's a SURGERY.

  PurpleLlamas  |  0

12-eww i know its disgusting!! my dentist didnt numb my mouth enough so i felt my tooth being pulled out from the gums and then that huge "CRUNCH"!! it was painful and very very gross!!