By Wealthyparrot - United States
Today, a client refused to pay after I mowed her lawn. Her reasoning? I had entered her basement "without permission." I require on-site equipment be provided, and she kept her mower in her basement. I only knew it was in the basement because she'd showed me, and told me where the key was. FML
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  jisaac09  |  25

Usually a mechanic's lien is for people who actually fix something such as mechanics, roofers, carpenters.

Surely though there is a type of service rendered lien OP could use if the homeowner won't pay.

It would be a shame to take something like this to a small claims court.

  Iceman226  |  17

Yes you could sue for a $40 grass cutting because it would most certainly be worth your time, or you could just start charging her $5 extra per mowing making back the original $40 overtime plus some. Just make sure to get paid upfront before mowing the lawn again.

  UnluckyGenius  |  21

Well I am assuming that this is his business, she could be a long time customer, so he could forgive her jackassery and once her grass gets high enough she'll want OP to mow her lawn since good yard help is hard to find. Just double charge her the next time.

By  challan  |  19

Perhaps she didn't want to pay you for cutting her lawn OP... Maybe she showed you where the key was for something else. I have 70s porn music playing in my head... Picturing a sweaty, shirtless landscaper and a pool boy tending my ummmmm property. Yeah, my property.