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Hey everyone, OP here. Thanks for all the support, doc says I'll be able to walk again in a few weeks. I was wearing socks, and my grandma's house has wooden stairs. My grandmother and I are very close, and she completely understood; she wasn't upset. And now, as for the TV. I'd say it WAS about 40 inches and rather new, so it wasn't too heavy. But I'll by buying another one. I'll also be fixing the banister. It was just a fluke accident, no hard feelings. And yes, my grandmother cared about my leg. Bye guys!
By cameron0779 / Friday 19 February 2016 03:56 / United States
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"Break a leg" is what you say to someone performing on stage. It's because of an old superstition that wishing good luck to an actor is bad luck and vice versa. There would be no need for OP's mom to tell them to break a leg.

  Fairyjoshy  |  13

Ah yes, because arm and leg muscles will totally help you when the friction between your foot and the surface its on fails and your foot goes flying out from under you.