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By failed_catgirl - 19/10/2010 23:24 - Canada

Today, for my boyfriend's 19th birthday, I decided to dress up as a sexy cat girl for him, complete with ears, tail, matching sexy underwear, collar and leash. He wouldn't stop laughing. FML
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fat guys should never try and be sexy. not that op is fat. just say no fatties.

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8, you seem to have such disgust towards that type of female. It is making me wonder...

pwincessa23 1

8 do u think everyone that defends fat chicks are fat??? idk maybe the costume was bad.

i like the lingerie, not sure about ears and tail, I would have laughed too

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19ish yr old girl in a cat women uniform .......he laughed hmmmmm i think your bf is gay FYL

diva1998 8

I think the leash was too much :P

zakkyzebra 11

he's not into ***********. get over it.

I woulda destroyed that. lucky son of a bitch didn't realize what he had there

Whether OP's boyfriend was into that kinda thing or not, he was insensitive to laugh at OP, especially considering she was trying to impress him. It was a sweet gesture even if it's not what he particularly to his tastes. He's an immature moron

I'd a ****** the shit outta you. Just FYI

Boaf, Klutzycleo, he isn't an immature moron for laughing at something funny, eventhough it wasn't meant to be funny. If my boyfriend would wear a thong to impress me, I think I would laugh, no, I'm sure I would. And than those cat ears, leash, collar and tail aren't included. Doing things like this without knowing your partners fantasies is risky. You really can't blame him for laughing. I would die from laughter.

TheDrifter 23

I think a lot of us would 1. Don't worry OP it was just bad luck that you found the guy who didn't LOVE the movie catwoman.

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darlingdollie 24

Duckface= ugly, unattractive, stupid, immature

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it was probably the whiskers and the tail lol shoudve been a cop

littlemissdqgirl 8

Sad! Maybe a French maid would have been better or a sex cop with a gag. Then he can't laugh;)

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Maybe you should make sure he's into that kind of stuff first next time lol YDI sorry though.

trueblue42 4

I agree with 3. you took a huge risk there and ended up looking foolish. I would have laughed as well. save it for halloween!

I know people who walks the cat, although the cat doesn't walk often, it preffers to be carried. But yeah, with a leash around his neck. Op, you have strange fetishes.

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And that's why her boyfriend laughed.

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are you by any chance a zombie?

twilightfox 3

I once saw an old couple walk their cat.

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Technically cats must be on leashes while outside according to law

If you've got the hotness to back up a sexy cat costume you can come over to my place any time!

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I guess two ******* aren't getting any tonight.

Who are you, freaking Josie? And where are the rest of your pussycats?

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Tied up and locked in her basement.

RedPillSucks 31

I loved josie and the pussy cats. 10 interweb points for anyone who know the name of the black one.

sneeze_watch 19

#110 That would be Valerie. Points. I believe you owe me some.

RedPillSucks 31

Duly owed. *hands over 10 points to sneeze_watch*

Valerie, Melody, and Josie. I liked Melody, that blonde.

Quest_ 13

You expected him to get hard seeing you dressed up as a cat? YDI

it's actually a fantasy for a lot of guys...if you haven't read some of the previous posts

RedPillSucks 31

Quest. It has to be a 'skimpy' cat outfit, not a furry cat outfit. Try it some time. Don't forget to send me pictures.

XxxT3rr4xxX 25

it Prolly was suppose to be an anime cat girl a perfect example of that would be catgirl cuties its an anime and yes most guys do get hard from something like that because cat girl fetishes are not uncommon.

why do u have a wrist band w/ swastika's all over it? wow...