By CorCelesti - 2/6/2014 14:00 - United States
Today, I got married. My father saw this as a good time to give some solemn, heartfelt advice to my new husband: "That ring gets real heavy fast." I was standing right there. So was my mother. FML
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  Dswank620  |  18

That line is practically quoted straight out of a recent ifunny feature, I was under the impression that there was a direct correlation between the two

  mpkpm  |  19

As for number #68, I am very talented and felt like showing off my skill. As for #71, I was unaware, I have known this joke for years as my dad told it to me once younger. Suppose it did differ from normal dad jokes.

  Pleonasm  |  34

Well we were talking about 100 and not 10,000.
And I wouldn't make bets either way for the next 10,000 years as maybe in 50 years we'll discover immortality ;)

  iSativa  |  24

All replies to my comment are prime examples of why many people have lost faith in humanity. The first half of my comment was overly obvious sarcasm, and the second half was advice. Please use your brain and think before you reply.

  griggypop  |  4

I'm sorry #9 (and everyone else), I know no one here is too much of a stickler for language and I do bite my tongue often as the down votes damage my sense of self worth. It's "could have", "would have" or "could've", "would've" in the contracted form. I let #3 slide on by but my tongue was about to start bleeding.