By Anonymous - 13/01/2014 07:34 - United States - Ewa Beach

Today, I was taking a piss when a fly landed inside the urinal. I thought it would be funny to try to aim and pee on it until it flew away and I stupidly continued aiming, peeing all over the floor and the wall. Another man came in time to see it. FML
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It's FMLs like this one that make me wish I had a penis.


Can this guy remove the country identification? He is making us look bad.

'I thought it would be funny to...' Me: okay. YDI.

Zverina 20

Nothing wrong with a little mobile target practice.

StiffPvtParts 43

A similar thing happened to me once. I was talking a piss, and a fly flew into the stream of my urine. I felt really bad about it, so I saved it from drowning (._.)

That sounds so gross. How did you save it? By fishing it out?

If I was the guy who walked in, I would have joined him.

#28 so, when's the next PETA meeting?

It's FMLs like this one that make me wish I had a penis.

It would be pretty fun to aim your pee at things.

Indeed it is, Ive patented a few trick shots over the years like "the long shot", "through the legs", and "death from above", the final one you stand on any object higher than the throne and take aim.

GingerRoot 13

It would be wild to spell my name in snow

You can borrow mine any time you like :-P

Watermelon777 3

did you just call yourself smooth as ****?

Hmmm. So girls want a penis, and guys want breasts (just so they can touch them anytime for no reason at all)?

This whole conversation fascinates me. I hate dicks and all, but it WOULD be interesting to aim my pee at stuff...

#61 there is a reason, if you don't get the reason, then you may be a little to young for this site. (Hint: boobs are arousing to men and penises are arousing to women)

Don't forget "Hell Fire"#15! It's when you piss on the roof and get the piss to drip into the toilet!

perdix 29

Tell him to whip it out and start peeing at the fly, too!

It would be unfair to the fly at that point, The fly should bring a pal and make it like a deathmatch... flies win if they can successfully land on and clog the urethra.

OscarDV 8

Hitting flying flys with your stream is like the Olympics. I'm sure they'll be trained enough to avoid each others. I, on the other hand, maybe literally, would probably pee all over myself with my aim =/

jonnied23 20

Keep practicing, soon you will be able pee on moving objects with ease

Unless you're talking about goldeneye 64.