By FianceFlaw? - 25/11/2018 14:00

Today, I went to the courthouse to apply for my marriage license and had my mother tag along with me. When I asked one of five security guards where to go, my mom looked at him and said,"You’re suppose to talk her out of it." Thanks, Mom. FML
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c00kie14 11

Why didn’t the groom go with her?


Sometimes parents have intuition about stuff. Sometimes they’re completely off base. Might be worth examining your future marriage now before you get stuck.

I guess she thinks your fiancé won’t be able to support you and thinks the employee is there to guard your security. Mom is too literal.

c00kie14 11

Why didn’t the groom go with her?

I'm sure she was just joking Hopefully security found it funny, or that would've been an awkward silence

Paul B. Gyurcsanszky 14

Not a good start for the wedding