By BriarFace - 29/03/2016 01:56 - United States - Springfield

Today, I put up a sign asking motorcyclists to slow down near horses, as the noise can spook them. While I was riding near the sign, a biker slowed to read it, looked at me, then revved his engine loudly and raced off. My horse bucked me off into some brambles and bolted. FML
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Assholes are everywhere, some of them ride motorcycles.

Roskosity 22

That really sucks. It takes a while to desensitize horses to that kind of noise and after a spook like that I'm sure it will be much harder.


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Assholes are everywhere, some of them ride motorcycles.

blazerman_fml 17

Other's ride your best friend :)

What a dick. Some people have no decency.

MikaykayUnicorn 36

I agree. I own a fourwheeler that I frequently ride and my neighbor owns horses so I never, ever drive it by the horses. It's just common decency.

OK about that time I would be throwing out roofing nails. Like really I would because if someone else is going to be ignorant when I've nicely ask for something to happen and even given a damn good reason for it then I'm going to show them what real ignorance is capable of. Fyl for real and I hope things get better for you and your horses. I also hope that you weren't hurt too badly and that it didn't take you long to get your ride back.

Roskosity 22

That really sucks. It takes a while to desensitize horses to that kind of noise and after a spook like that I'm sure it will be much harder.

I came off last year after my 4 year old stood on a plastic bottle for the first time. Since then we've spent hours walking her over different objects and recently getting her to stand near the loudest car on the yard and revving it to desensitise her to it. It takes a while but it's worth it when idiots can't be bothered to show a bit of courtesy.

works good if you just whack then with the reins, or a nice plastic bat. they stop being stupid fast

#65 please go and shove the bat as far up your arse as you can if you can get it in alongside your head. Anyone with half a brain could tell you that sort of practise would only make the animal worse. What a prick.

Really all it takes is whacking something with a bat to make them stop being stupid? Number 65 please step up I got a swing for you. What a freaking moron I hope too high heaven you are not a pet owner of any kind! Ya Dumb shit.

Ugh. Some people are everything that is wrong with the world. Sorry that happened, Op. I hope you found your horse and your horse is okay now.

Wizardo 33

Bikers are like the short, angry people of the motoring world. The spandex touting variety are even worse.

tantanpanda 26

I think you have a fundamental misunderstanding of this FML. When OP referred to "the biker" they implied that it was someone on a motorcycle or something close to that. Unless it really was a bike, but I don't know of any bikes that have engines on them.

Not every biker is a asshole, I am always slowing down when I need to drive past a animal

For some places in Australia, that's a criminal act. Fuckwits.

In the highway code, you have to slow down for horses, down to about 10mph. Is that not a thing everywhere else?

Where I live the teach you to do it but it's not mandatory as far as I know

Really it's not mandatory? I honestly thought it was, I live out in the sticks and there are a lot of horse farms in the area so everyone around here always slows down and gives the animals the right of way. Even the young kids who just got their license slow down and take it easy while going past horses. I guess I just live in an area with a lot of common courtesy but because of that I really honestly thought that was mandatory. Thank you for the info.