By Rowan Curry - 15/09/2012 15:37 - United States - San Jose

Today, I got mad at my parents and threatened to run away. Things got so bad that I packed a bag and left, planning to hide in my front yard to teach them a lesson. It's been two hours, and I'm still standing behind a bush in front of my house while they make no effort to look for me. FML
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Dblocker 18

They're not going after to you because they know you'll be back when it's dinner time.


OP, if you start your FML with, "I got mad at my parents and threatened to run away," that's an automatic YDI.

starman02 12

They will eventually look for you, parents are sneaky and they probably seen you go to your "hiding spot". My mom always used to tell me that she had eyes on the back of her head.

1 - You forgot the ******* period at the end of the sentence, dumbass.

BeforeItWasCool 12

Shut the **** up, 37. That's such a pointless correction.

Shut the **** up 39, your life is pointless.

xXHollowIchigoXx 17

#37 There was really no need for that "correction". I think we all know the sentence stops when there are no more words to read… Edit: never mind. Lol, he deleted his comment.

They probably know... That's a terrible thing to do anyway, OP! YDI

Drunk Elmo won't find shit. Just Bert and Ernie's dicks inside him.

Sorry. I knew I was wrong but I hit send anyway. I grew up with sesame street too. Shame on me.

Sounds more like "I don't know who you are, but I will find you and kill you." instead of 'It's okay, I'll look for you.' lol!

tjv3 10

Hahaha . They def know that you are just looking for attention, and they also know that you have no intention of running away. They probably figure you are somewhere close and have no way of taking care of yourself so you will be back. YDI

I just had a huge argument with my mom myself. I never threatened her to run away because thats very childish and stupid YDI OP

Nabee143 3

So let me see if I'm understanding this correctly. You threatened your parents to run away and hid in your bushes. And apparently while still standing in the bushes, decided to post it on FML. Wow! FYL

Go on then. Run away. I bet you didn't even pack a toothbrush,so you could scrub the turd out of your mouth. Which I'm sure you let your mouth overload your ass,and now you will be eating crow when you are done "teaching them a lesson."

matthew3 2

Looks like you ended up learning a lesson, brat.

I won't. Did u at least pack some cookies?

Unless you are younger than maybe 11 (which I'm guessing you're not), why would they look for you when it's only been 2 hours? Time to grow up

You should never run away or fake run away unless you have the worst parents in the world.

You're not used to the word 'no', are you, 56?

56, No, that means that you're a spoiled brat. Parents: "Happy Birthday." Kid: "An iPhone, thank you so much, wait, this isn't the iPhone 5, this is the iPhone 4S, I TOLD YOU I WANTED THE IPHONE 5, I HATE YOU, I'M RUNNING AWAY FROM YOU FOREVER AND NEVER COMING BACK." See how stupid you'd sound if you ran away just because you didn't get what you wanted?

Whenever I see FMLs that are very blatantly YDI, I wonder if the other party posted it pretending to be that person so they can show them how stupid they are. I bet the parents actually posted this.

Guys, I'm pretty sure 56 was being sarcastic. Evilplatypus - I agree.

#103 - Agreed. Too many people on here are too quick at spilling the beans. ;) It really ruins reading the comments. Such as the 20 comments saying "how old are you? 10?" and "idiot". Sad times

I think Petepoop should just leave FML. He's always poppin' up, saying dumb shit, and getting buried. Not saying you should kill yourself, buut... please leave. Right now.

gummy_bears1492 0

If OP was throwing a temper tantrum, he probably isn't be old enough to have a phone so how did he put this up on FML?! :O

158 - Family computer, maybe. You don't have to have your own phone to use the Internet.

gummy_bears1492 0

159- he said that he was still hiding behind the bushes...maybe he's lying!!!

Maybe OP does have the worst parents in the world

I hadn't thought about that, good point... But some people really are so self-absorbed that they think they're completely justified. It can just as well be one or the other. I wanted to run away from my house a few times so i can't say i was more mature as a child but I had an alcoholic father and a mother with dementia so I'd like to think my feelings were at least partially justified then XD

You lads need to learn how to read sarcasm...

160 - FMLs are rarely written during the actual event. Usually, they're written afterwards and put in the present tense to match up with the "Today..." format. He likely submitted it a while after admitting defeat and slinking back in the door with his tail between his legs.

224- If this was submitted after he went crawling back into the house, I don't think OP would say he is STILL hiding behind the bushes.

"I'm still standing behind a bush" sounds better than "I stood behind a bush". Or maybe it's just me.

160 - You have excessive punctuation here, bud

Never, ever make such a threat unless you're prepared to go through with it. Clearly, you weren't prepared.

And along with that, OP's parents probably saw him get behind the bush, worst hiding spot ever.

expertsmilee 26

You should have at least went to a friends house but don't say stuff unless your gonna follow through or you'll just look stupid

Dblocker 18

They're not going after to you because they know you'll be back when it's dinner time.

My little sister threatened to run away once. My mom helped her pack her bag XD She didn't go anywhere, it became too real after that and she realized she had no where to go.

same thing happened to my friend only she actually left and a neighbor called her mom going "your daughter is walking down the street with a suitcase and a backpack" her mom was like "I know" but she came back because he felt too bad running away… :P

I was thinking they're not looking because OP wasn't hiding in a great place. Behind a bush? They can probably see OP perfectly and are laughing their asses off.

Maybe their worst punishment is you staying, therefore you should make your way back inside (:

Seriously, this OP sounds like a punk ass crybaby bitch. Parents are probably loving the fact they are gone.

People like you are the reason why we can't have nice things. I'm guessing you've done this before and your parents know you're an attention seeker. Luckily, they are wise enough not to give you the attention. YDI all over.

OP shouldn't run away unless there parents are really bad. YDI OP.

And what happens when they find you behind the bush? What will you say then? YDI, everyone's parents piss them off but running away is a little extreme.

To extreme, no way I ran away from my parents... when I was 8. At least I was smart enough to hide under the porch. behind a bush really ? YDI

He probably hid on the side of the bush that was closer to the house.

kitkat2014 6

Wow OP, way to pussy out. I'm sure your parents know that you're behind the bush and are in fact teaching YOU the lesson.

No, theyre prob just having sex…enjoying their alone time.

RedPillSucks 31

that's right OP,they're in the bedroom making a new and improved you.

saffy66 34

You idiot, give your parents some credit. They clearly know you are just attention seeking, which you have proven by hiding behind the bush! Typical 'look at me' teenage behaviour!

Agreed. The parents probably realize this and that's why they aren't looking.