By Abandoned - 09/03/2009 05:50 - United States

Today, I tried to surprise my parents by coming home from college for Spring Break. I arrived to find a dark house, with all the doors bolted shut. After calling them, I found out that they have gone on a vacation to Hawaii for a week. I am now locked out of my own house, with no where to stay. FML
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you don't have a key to your own house? that's kind of sad.


you don't have a key to your own house? that's kind of sad.

My house's bolt does not have a key

no friends or family? your parents won't fly you out? you have so many options, but you decide to post here. how did you get to a computer? internet cafe? you are just chalk full of fail

His phone could have internet.

or he could have posted it AFTER spring break, so many reasonably options.

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The doors are bolted. Read please

Yea tot agree with #1 or why dont u have any friends? or neighbors with keys? or just break a window.. you suck at life lol

#2 it's CHOCK full, you tool. and really, you don't have a key?

It is a figure of speech genius. Don't get all pissed off because someone said something you don't like.

Really, no key? C'mon... Just break a window. :)

hey for all y'all know the lock is broken. that's what happened to me. but it's true there are options. but i think there should be a "not so bad" button cause "you deserve it" seems a little harsh

Well he could've called his parents before he spent the time and money to go home. So he kinda did deserve it. :P

Hey at least you didn't walk in on them having sex eh?!