By coolbeans123 - 10/05/2011 16:37 - Singapore

Today, my dad texted me while I was in school saying, "Your cat vomited. Covered it up with a bowl so you can clean it when you come home." FML
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that's what my family does except they don't warn me I just kinda step in it

...I'm not sure whether to laugh or be disgusted.


WompWompWomp123 7

Dang, every other day? WTF is wrong with your cat?

RainbowHeadache 2

One of mine does it almost every day. Hairballs. She's long haired. I've gotten so used to the sound that it wakes me up & I book it to the bathroom for toilet paper to get it before she barfs everywhere. I brush her a lot so if it's not hairballs I dunno what it is.

catrav77 0

ahaha haha haha wow that's hilarious!! :D

that's what my family does except they don't warn me I just kinda step in it

thesunsetglow_fml 8

Mine too! if one of my cats hurls then they just leave it until I get home/find it.

that's so to all of you :( ... I actually do that to my mom so I can't smoothies with you

Chunder Cats are Go! lol, they did say when you get a cat it'd be your responsibility OP...

102 why in ***** name do you continue spamming saying squidward. shutup bitch

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30- Your cats look awesome! Yin yang lol.

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because I can. and I'm not spamming I did it twice you shit. ***** go somewhere else and not criticize me. :)

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You guys are so immature deal with my comment and move on don't make a big deal out of it.

102 they weren't what's ur problem?? not that I'm in this or anything :1

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xxsarahfxx, I have no idea what you said, but calling someone immature because they moderated your comments indicates a lack of maturity on your part. Why? Because 1. It shows you care about your comments... on the INTERNET and 2. I'm pretty sure the comments are moderated by moderators. It seems to take a lot to piss them off and remove people's comments. Oh and 3. Calling someone immature for no reason other than deleting your comments is stupid. Have a nice day! :)

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140- I just commented squidward. then they get all mad because I 'spammed'. so they keep moderating my comments which is stupid . they should just move on it's just a comment

You can't come onto our website, agree to follow our commenting rules, violate those rules, insult our moderators, and tell us to "move on". It's common sense, so don't push your luck.

yup I'd probably do the same thing, minus the bowl

yeahhp, my mom does the same ! except i don't step in it lol but OP don't feel bad, parents do stuff like that. just make sure not to use that bowl (:

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44 is the prime example of a crack head

the rule in our house is "whoever sees it first cleans it up" and sadly I'm usually the one who sees it first -__- or if my sister does, she doesn't say anything.

guckylynn 19

157 how is getting a dog a solution? They throw up too.

uridea 14

Hate to break it to you 186 they probably see it and pretend they don't. Well that's what my sister does at least :P

ImInHawaiiBITCH 0

first school now this, don't be a lazy bastard dad pick it up for me!

ImInHawaiiBITCH 0

but yeah I'd just walk away if it wasnt my cats vomit so the cat belongs to the son

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Iknoweverything 29

Especially if the dad didn't like cats and OP brought one home anyway. (I can't believe how common that is.)

catrav77 0

11 - ...what? Did OP ever say that happened?

11...wat r talkin about? lol OP said nothing at all about bringing home the cat...

Doesn't necessarily mean the cat is OP's only. I mean, me and my mom both equally own our cats (though they bug her more than me), and when there's a mess, she goes "Your cat made such-and-such mess. Clean it up," even though they're just as much her cats as they are mine.

TheDrifter 23

You just think they're her cats too. I'm sure she'd gladly drown them if you didn't love them so much.

That's silly, 3. The father should clean it up because by the time op gets home, it will be dry and quite a bit harder to clean. The dad is just being lazy.

^ ooo we have a vomit expert here :L

Well I think the OP wanted a cat in the first place. So commonly the daughter/son begs for one and says they'll take complete care of them. So if that's the case. Suck it up OP, you wanted one.

well her father could have cleaned it to held his daughter out. Especially since he saw it and she was not even home at the time. I think the man was just being a lazy bitch.

maybe there family cats? the dad just sounds lazy, I mean honestly, would it take tht long to clean up some cat vomit? plus what if the cat vomited because of something the dad gave him/her?

KiddNYC1O 20

#11 said "IF"... keyword...

78 - I'm a doctor of oral excrement. and yours seems to be a chronic condition.

seriously its just being nice lol who woyld leave cat puke to just sit thats ****** nasty even if it wasnt his cat and its not like uts a lion im sure he wouldnt die

dadof2 4

makes sense to me its your cat right here kitty kitty kitty

Brandnewuser 0

ya that's what u get for having a cat

ceinaworus 0
BooGhosted 0

I'm guessing you like those? Cause if you don't, I don't want to meet you face to face it might get awkward.

ceinaworus 0

FYL. your dads freaking lazy. and gross if he's just going to leave it there

dva976 7

why should his/her dad have to clean it up? Its not his cat. Thats the problem with teenagers nowadays. They're the lazy ones who dont want to do shit.

well I wouldn't want the vomit just sitting in the floor all day when the OP physically can't clean it up because they're at school

he's not just leaving it there, he put a bowl over it

Oh no! Cat vomit on the carpet all day! Well what are you gonna do when you work all day and no one is home? Then who will you call lazy? Puke happens. If you can't be a responsible pet owner and clean it up.. don't get a pet.

flickyourbic1223 7

OP may not be a teenager. And it's unsanitary to leave it, plus who wants to use a bowl that once covered cat vomit? Even if it's washed twice.

FreebirdIII 1

Who fed the kitty a pot pie??? They clean it up.

47, a bowl simply covering the vomit does nothing to prevent the carpet from being stained. that's why the dad is lazy, he doesn't care enough about the cleanliness of his own house to take 5 minutes to clean up after the cat while the kid is at school

guckylynn 19

148 - I agree. Once my cat puked and since I was at class and lived alone it stained the carpet in only 3 hours. If OPs dad leaves it there possibly all day I would guess it would likely stain the floor, unless it's on linoleum, although it could mess up hardwood if that's the case.

My cat used to vomit every other day, and my mom never cleaned it up for me either-- but I didn't expect her to.

catrav77 0

I love the fact that he bothered to text her, most people (who'd let it be) would probably just pretend they'd never seen it

TraceCase_ 19

Haha, yep, my brother once got back in his car and took a nap down the block after being the first to discover the dog had left diarrhea on the kitchen floor.

ImInHawaiiBITCH 0

at least he gave u a heads up before u found said bowl and then discovered the vomit