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Hey, I wouldn't go as far as calling her trashy. Maybe these two are closer than you think. Even if you might not say that kind of thing doesn't mean it's trashy.

And OP, that really sucks. I've gone through the same kind of situation and I think you should tell her. The worst thing she'll do is say no, right?

By  xMooMoox  |  0

Aww that sucks! You should confess so even if she doesn't date you she wont hurt you. Or maybe say "It makes me uncomfortable" or "I don't like it" when you say stuff like that. That sounds kind of girly but what can I say I'm a girl! Lol Oh or maybe shes doing that to see your reaction or to make you jealous? Just a thought!

By  cheesefest  |  0

Declare yourself, get hurt or win, move on if unlucky, eventually win one, be happy. #7 is right, the girl is being trashy. If she was actually telling the truth, then sounds like she was intentionally messing with you. Don't waste your time on her.