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Today, I was watching TV with my grandma. I said aloud, "Dang, that actor is hot." My grandma pointed out he was a spitting image of my cousin. I realized she was right, and that I may as well be attracted to my own cousin. FML
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You can find someone attractive without being attracted to them. You may recognize your cousin is good looking doesn't mean you wanna jump his bones!

Apparently we are all cousins by about 100 generations.... So might want to check how far down the line he is...


Apparently we are all cousins by about 100 generations.... So might want to check how far down the line he is...

HowAreYouToday 34

Incest is wincest :D Depending how closely two peeps are related.

skullofdarkness 18

I had an English teacher once who randomly said "incest is best" one day in class... It was weird as fuck...

HowAreYouToday 34

Fo' shizzle. (sudden realization that I'm paler than the abominable snowman's frozen arse) *oh go why*

tne201992 12

56- Wtf did I just read?

At least,it's not your brother!

mariab01 3


HowAreYou has a reputation of posting weird ass comments. Sometimes I wonder where she gets the ideas from O-O

You can find someone attractive without being attracted to them. You may recognize your cousin is good looking doesn't mean you wanna jump his bones!

SApprentice 34

Agreed. There's nothing wrong with recognizing that someone is attractive. Whether or not you personally are attracted to them is unrelated to the knowledge that they are attractive.

wellfuuucckme 7

His" bone" :3 ;D ...... Yea I tried .___.

wellfuuucckme 7

How do you delete your own comment ..... *Face palm *

You can only edit your own comments within 2 minutes of posting it.

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Incoming incest attack?

I think Mila kunis is hot... Doesn't mean I'm going to rape her.

Are you related to Mila Kunis?

Can anybody say "incest"?

I...I can't do it!

So because she finds an actor attractive that looks similar to her cousin.... That means she all of the sudden is in love with her cousin? I think not

27- Sorry, I just realied that I read this FML incredibly wrong.


MegamiKaosu 28

#4, 3 already said it... So you're kinda late

^ I said it in the same minute that he did, so don't give me that crap.

What's a spitting image. I've never heard that.

The images are so close (similar) that they are within spitting distance

Psych101 9

7- I never knew that's how the phrase was coined. That's interesting, thanks.

quite_bored 9

7, that's interesting how you made up your own origin. A quick Google search would prove you quite wrong.

16- that's interesting how you made a lame/pointless correction, a quick look at your username told me why.

quite_bored 9

How was it pointless? It keeps people like 11 from getting incorrect information.

Don't sweat it. People like gc327072 feel threatened by anything even approaching intelligent thought.

Psych101 9

16- Thanks for letting me know. I feel so damn gullible now!

Shrike, if you're going to "diss" me, please use evidence. Making claims is for children.

quite_bored 9

Nice edit there, gc.

What're you talking about?

quite_bored 9

I saw what 26 said before you edited it. That's what I'm talking about.

38- How do I edit comments on the app?

quite_bored 9

Alright, you're obviously not going to fess up. Forget it. This is futile.

It's supposed to be "splitting image". But it got mixed around in the language just like couldn't care less/ could care less and flicking/flipping someone off.

quite_bored 9

Well 44, as with most things, it's origin is unclear. Another theory is it came from "spit and image" as in, you are the spit and image of your parents. This one, however, has more evidence.

45- personally, I think the whole thing with the images "being within spitting distance of each other" sounds way more plausible/easy to see how that came about. That whole "of spit and image" thing... Not so much.

quite_bored 9

46, now that's where we disagree. The spitting distance one seems incorrect to me primarily because no one else even mentions that, making me think 7 just made it up (God knows why). Secondly, when would two images ever be within spitting distance because of similarity? (Other than a museum, but that still doesn't explain much) If you don't believe mine, feel free to look it up; the Straight Dope and numerous etymology websites explain it better than I do.

Maybe tomorrow, I'm hella tired. And lol, spitting on paintings was what I imagined reading that comment.

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47 - You /think/ he made it up... So you really have no evidence of which is right then.

No one cares how the saying came around...

oj101 33

So you're the one who needs glasses then?

Wincest! What? Somebody was gonna say it.

Somebody already did. Also, that's about as original as "I see what you did there"

39-you are retarded. Because you saw "25" first because they just replied to 1 you assumed that they said it before commenter number "10". I am pretty decent at math so I say with quite a bit of confidence that 10 said it first. But yes, it is still an unoriginal comment.

Is anyone else thinking of Karen Smith from Mean Girls? "Yeah, but he's like me first cousin."

ArielTheMermaid 17

"What? He's a good kisser." "He's your cousin." "Yeah but he's my first cousin."

"you have your cousins, then you have first cousins, second cousins" "oh honey, no"

Inciter 33

Tell her you were kidding.

Your not the first to think a cousin is attractive. But I hope you don't act on it, cus thats not right at all.