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By No2ndDate - 01/02/2017 22:00 - United States - Mount Pleasant

Today, I went on a date to an owl sanctuary. Today is also the day I discovered my all-encompassing fear of owls, as I cried and pissed myself in front of my date and 15 other visitors. FML
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It's ok. I'm sure they all thought you were a hoot!

Who thought that was a wise idea for a date? Who? Who? Who?


It's ok. I'm sure they all thought you were a hoot!

Who thought that was a wise idea for a date? Who? Who? Who?

literally this FML could have ended after the first period.

Owls are rad. There are dozens of us. Dozens!

And your comment could have never existed but hey, free speech.

How did you not know that you would scared of owls? I mean fair enough it's not common but I think if you are so scared you pissed yourself I imagine you'd get the chills just seeing a picture of the bird. Still FYL

I had a childhood fear of heffalumps that I completely forgot about until the Heffalump movie was on ABC Family one day and I totally freaked out.

I didn't realise I was terrified of butterflies until I went to a Butterfly House and they started flying at me. I'm sure everyone is vaguely terrified of someone breaking into your house, but until you you experience it first hand you don't appreciate the real fear of the situation.

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A fear of owls seems so random... the fact you didn't see a panic attack coming now makes me paranoid I'll freak the **** out seeing some random animal I have never seen in person before.. I would just think like the last commenter and figure if the image of it didn't bother me then I'd be A-OK. Which is what I presume OP assumed without even really considering anything else. I can't even imagine the embarrassment either. Life ****** you hard, OP. Totally giving locations to my future first dates an actual thought process now instead of an "eh, whatever, as long as we actually hear ourselves talk".

Awww, sorry about that, phobias are no joke.

Hopefully they didn't think your behavior was to owltragous. Better luck next time op.

cheshireau 26

Why didn't you say something when you arrived or even when you saw the owls? You put yourself through such a traumatic experience just for a stupid date. It doesn't seem logical to me.

This probably happened the minute they stepped through the door - or they tried to carry on as best as they could (brave to try and overcome it) and ultimately couldn't handle any more. Just my thoughts.

So, the first date was a hoot, maybe the second date will be to hooters?