By kewtness_17 - 01/10/2011 23:10 - United States

Today, I got mad at my 4 year old son for cussing me out. Afterwards, I went upstairs to get ready for the day. When I came back downstairs I found him pooping on my brand new leather couch. FML
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Woop his ass! That kind of behavior is unacceptable :l

You rack disciprine!


You rack disciprine!

DarkHelmet 10

Ahahahahahahahha #1 just made my day!!!!

Cusses, shits on couches, I see a bright future ahead

enonymous 8

Did he at least wipe afterwards? No one likes a kid with mud butt.

indielove 13

"Spare the rod, spoil the child."

Alwayspullout 7

What a little shit...

Obviously you are not the one who wears the pants in your relationship if your 4 year old son intimidates you. YDI learn to discipline

lmao, nothin like defecating on someones property to say " I own you bitch" haha

Ydi for teaching your child cuss words

good luck with him as a teenager

mr_torch91 1

Your an idiot. Parenting fail!

Jesus. Is he a dog or a kid??? Rub his nose In it.


dude if that would have been me i would have been picking my sorry ass up off the floor after my parents beat my ass bloody.

Should have made him clean it up... With his hand... O.o

walterism 0

"fuck you! I'm shitting on the couch!"

Jesus, screw the spanking, it's time for some good ole fashioned rubbing his fucking nose into the shit, that will teach him

at least its leather and not cotton or that one other material were its super hard to remove stains be thankful you got leather couches, my car doesn't have leather seats and my daughter always throws her bottle to the side (on the seats) when she's done with it, so now I have rotten milk stains in my back seats. you have an easier mess to clean with leather rather than the other fabric kind!!!

gpoquiqui 5

What has our generation come to? -_-

He's not apart of our generation. Don't worry

OP should introduce her son to every child's best friend: the wooden spoon.

He might not be a part of our generation but part of the future. So.. We are screwed.

52- so he can stir the shit?

Wtf 2, you're 4 years old? This site is inappropriate for you.

ikickgingers 15

52 - wooden spoon? My mom was a fan of "pick your switch"

rnbz 0

Parents not whipping there children!!!

65- u mean 14? well, ur 16...not much of a difference there...

Kylias 6

It wipes the poopie off the couch...

ising20 1

@ 93... i'm pretty sure he was referring to the fact that the original commenter said the 4 year old was part of his generation.. but he's NOT. So, it was a JOKE

52- Ugh I hated the wooden spoon...and the wooden hanger.....and the big stick....and the leather many horrible memories O.o

X_Codes 11

I don't think it was a joke, I think he was talking about the parent being part of his generation, in which case the world really is a sad, sad place.

ising20 1

@144- well the parent isn't part of his generation either...!

Vegeto30294 19

#65, age and generation are 2 VERY different things. All kids are 1 generation, parents are another generation, grandparents are another, and your kids' kids are another generation.

52 - Ffffffffuuuuuuuu- The wooden spoon and cane and belt. They were friggin owwy. Oh and chilli powder on my tongue for swearing. Dear Gawd.

#157 thank god someone is smart around here.

Woop his ass! That kind of behavior is unacceptable :l

DCFan 9

The parent is on the right track. Obviously writing FML's about that behavior is much more effective.........

You might want to clean it first

Completely agreed spank the kid I would

reddawn85 8

That's the result "new-age" parenting. My father didn't view me as an equal until... Well, I still don't think he does but as adults, we have mutual respect. I still don't swear in front of him and he still points out things I could be doing better, buy he's extremely proud of me and I have nothing but a profound level of respect for the man. All because he wasn't scared to give me what I had coming when I needed it.

cradle6 13

Different ages require different parenting styles. For the western world, the "ideal" is usually considered to be Authoritarian when the child is young, Authoritative when the child is a teenager, and "hands-off" when the child is an adult. Being authoritative or passive with a four-year-old is a very bad idea because they're still in the preconventional stage of moral development. Which is a hedonistic time, by definition. Their actions are based solely on what feels good, and thats why it's so important that OP ensures that consequences ensue. It's the only way they'll understand.

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Cool story bro.

nollid7 5

If I'd done that, my parents would've beat my ass raw, Op you need to do it quick, I mean hell you are the adult. Quit being a pansy. You are in Texas better do it before someone else does it for you!

What an evil genius lol but seriously straighten his ass up soon

komania 6

...And this is why you should be watching and parenting your kids. He's only 4 years old, don't leave him alone or else he's gonna do stupid things!

kewlkate 9

This is probably the same kid that wasn't allowed to have ice cream for breakfast so he smeared crap on the walls when his grandparents were coming over.

Get shitted on? Beat him over the head or take what he likes away to straighten him out

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Should of rolled up a news paper and smacked him in the nose and said NO!

SteveTonyY 3

And rubbed his face in it

theredheadthree 9

Where did he learn those words in the first place? YDI.

How would your 4 year old know swear words unless you were saying them all the time I say you deserve it.

Bad neighborhood maybe

And you raised the kid.

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Your hot^^

A childs behaviour can change drastically from a child to a teen.

Our generation has come to parents that allow their kids to do stuff like this!!! Beat his ass!!

texas_redneck88 10

Agreed. What the hell ever happened to kids actin' up, they get their ass whooped right there on the spot? Today's society is nothin' but a bunch of soft hearted people, and it irritates me. I go into restaurants to enjoy a nice meal, and someone's 3 yr old is yellin' and screamin' and makin' a mess raisin' all kind of hell and the parents don't do a damn thing. If I did that when I was 3, best believe I was goin' to the bathroom and gettin' an ass whoopin'

xosportsgirl14x 8

Did your society also not teach you how to use the letter 'g' or you'd get your butt whooped? Because you seem go have a problem with it...

WitchyArmyWife00 0

Sadly our society has come to if you spank your kid you or even raise your voice someone calls the cops

WallyTheWombat 0

It doesn't matter if they call the cops, the law actually says you are allowed to physically discipline your child. As long as you don't abuse the kid and the spanking was appropriate, the police can't do anything.

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Your little boy cussed you out So you got mad at him, made him pout Went upstairs to gather your wit He's downstairs pinchin' off a shit Sounds pretty bad, but what can you do Little dude just had to get rid of his poo