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Today, I woke up to a man stroking my leg while smelling my hair. I asked my roommate who he was and she said, "Oh, that's just my brother. He needs a place to stay and he will be living with us until June. Didn't I tell you that?" No, you didn't. FML
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  Perdition  |  4

Lololol. Look at the two lovebirds trying to troll.

Hey, geniuses, it's a snowboard. Last I checked, it's very different thing from a sign.

Go back to enjoying your silent guido love for each other.

  daisydukes95  |  0

[Account banned for repeatedly uploading porn as their display picture despite multiple warnings]

Original comment:

that's happened to. me before.... except he was rubbing my breast and he almost ripped out my nipple ring.. it was sore for like a month :(

  l2spellbud  |  0

Actually he was. All the real 'suspects' (not the phony 'crazies') were considered rich gentlemen. Jack wasn't crazy, he just didn't like prostitutes. I doubt a whore is a lady, so wouldn't it be a gentlemen thing to do by taking her out?

Think about it.