By Anonymous - 23/11/2010 15:51 - United States

Today, I woke up to a man stroking my leg while smelling my hair. I asked my roommate who he was and she said, "Oh, that's just my brother. He needs a place to stay and he will be living with us until June. Didn't I tell you that?" No, you didn't. FML
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Sun_Kissed18 25

That's when you calmly pack your things... and get the frick out of there!


This reminds me of my senior year in high school.

did u 2 wake up to eachother?

I think they did- going by their profile pictures, I'd say they were made for each other.

lol. Why is everyone hating on my pic. 25 was that sign pouting toward a window to your sisters room?

lol. 25 you'r a funny kid, and is that sign pointing to your sister's window?

I hate my phone. x.x. sorry for double post.

Lololol. Look at the two lovebirds trying to troll. Hey, geniuses, it's a snowboard. Last I checked, it's very different thing from a sign. Go back to enjoying your silent guido love for each other.

[Account banned for repeatedly uploading **** as their display picture despite multiple warnings] Original comment: that's happened to. me before.... except he was rubbing my breast and he almost ripped out my nipple ring.. it was sore for like a month :(

We may have a situation here!!!

Not to worry OP. He is a highly trained TSA employee

Troll, I was looking at your profile pic, and then my alarm went off - the ringtone was set as a dog bark. o_o

jackygirl2 0

you have a weak wannabe six pack.

I think 14 is pretty hot

thats a pretty shit snowboard lmfao


haha calm down #8 . for all yu kno , he could hav only one eye and five nipples on his face :O

Hershey kiss nipples?

Sun_Kissed18 25

That's when you calmly pack your things... and get the frick out of there!

I think **** would be a more appropriate word.

Sun_Kissed18 25

probably :P but I say frick

This sounds like the movie the room mate :3

aidanawesome 0

ydi bitch

Degrassi_Girl97 0

ha ewww was he cute?

does cute override creepy? I mean I know ugly multiplies creepy, but i'd hardly think OP should accept that behavior from anybody, regardless of looks

I wouldn't care if he looked like the most attractive man in the world. I'd get the **** out of there.

Time to change the locks and find a new roommate!

how does she deserve it?

She deserves it for being attractive. Many steps she could take to avoid this burden. YDI op! (;

Sun_Kissed18 25


He sounds nice.

Ah yes, I'm sure Jack The Ripper was quite the gentleman as well.

Actually he was. All the real 'suspects' (not the phony 'crazies') were considered rich gentlemen. Jack wasn't crazy, he just didn't like prostitutes. I doubt a ***** is a lady, so wouldn't it be a gentlemen thing to do by taking her out? Think about it.

I think I might need more therapy because that made a lot of sense, it's actually creepy how much sense that made.

get outa there and find a new roommate

What a pimp.

awesome shoes...just saying

thank u sir