Hellooooo, Social Services?

By whatisthisshit - 17/03/2017 00:00

Today, I spent two hours convincing my 3-year-old son that he can't poop on his 4-month-old brother out of retaliation for the baby pooping on him. He did it anyway. FML
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Shit on them both to show dominance

You gotta get this under control before this game of battleshits escalates into a poopstorm of epic magniturd.


You gotta get this under control before this game of battleshits escalates into a poopstorm of epic magniturd.

Sounds like you've got quite a situation on your hands. If only I could come up with a clever adjective to describe your situation!

Shit on them both to show dominance

How does the expression go? "A poop for a poop makes the world brown."

that's like something out of an episode of shameless, haha awesome

You don't argue with a 3 year old for two hours. You say, 'No, you cannot poop on the baby. If you do, this is what will happen to you...' Conversation over.

And then the 3 year old does it anyways because they're 3 and telling them no and explaining consequences just does not work when they have their mind set on something. While I agree you shouldn't argue with a child, let's face it, this was inevitable. I work with kids this age, some just do not care about consequences.

Talis99 26

Yeah, modern parenting is all about talking to children who have no concept of adult understanding as if they had the concept of adult understanding. They're your kids. They do what you say or they get punished. There is no discussion or explaining to people who haven't developed the capacity for either. Try that when they're older.

Ironically enough, kids will develop an understanding of such matters more quickly when you actually explain things to them.

Lobby_Bee 17

Whichever side wins, you lose.

itssnotfunny 24

Probably because he doesn't know what retaliation means, he's only 3. *joke*

so it begins. ..

Flash forward 80 years and see one of them hobbling away from the other's doorstep after igniting a paper bag full of dog shit and ringing the doorbell.

I am curious, is your 3 year old the Sonic of pooing and shot it out very fast before you could react, or was he alone with the baby?