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Today, like every other day my boyfriend and I try and have sex, his dog cried and whined outside of his room until we stopped. She does this all the time and it kills the mood instantly. I can't have sex because of a toy poodle. FML
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Try going elsewhere, if you know it's going to happen find somewhere with no interruptions.

Maybe that poodle just wants to get in on the action.

Put the dog in another room. Not the first time someone on fml has been cockblocked by an animal

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lol true she would be outside though.

You don't have a boyfriend, you have a girlfriend.

Do people just post this on fmls where a girlfriend has boyfriend troubles thinking it makes them manly or something? Because there was nothing in this fml that made the boyfriend feminine

"Toy poodle". What kind of man has dog that is toy poodle?

A man who is comfortable enough to not care about assholes like you. Seems more masculine than trying to insult someone over their companion choose to me.

Your boyfriend has a toy poodle? And it keeps him from having sex? You sure he isn't secretly gay?

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No actually it doesn't. We live in a society where people are free to own whatever pet they like regardless of society's perception of masculinity or femininity.

Make friends with the girl dog! Then she will be ok

Buy a male dog. She needs her dude too.

She's probably fixed but another dog to socialize with would be a good idea. She's probably just lonely and wants attention.