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Today, I got called a "politically correct loser" by a woman at the supermarket, all because I said I didn't want to find out the gender of my baby until birth. FML
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Some people just shouldn't open their mouths...

I can agree with that. I too have decided against finding out gender until birth. When I tell people this who ask they respond, but I want to know. Really? WTH 'Oh, I'm sorry didn't realize your desires outweighed mine.'

Yell at me in a reply if you are having a bad day. I don't mind.

Sorry this was a bad idea in the first place

ShadowlessSpear 21

Some people just shouldn't open their mouths.

While I don't agree with your decision, that lady was just weird. What the hell does she care? It's your life, not hers!

No offense, but I don't see how this could be a 'I don't agree with you decision' thing..

tantanpanda 26

I didn't know being curious about your own baby's gender was "politically" incorrect in the first place.

Sorry that didn't come out the way I meant it too. What I meant with "I don't agree with your decision" was that I don't understand why you wouldn't want to know your baby's gender as soon as possible. There's lots of things you have to do in preparation of a baby like painting s room, buying toys, etc. It's a million times easier if you k or your baby's gender ahead of time

myoukei 31

Because if you paint a baby's room yellow or refrain from buying them pink or blue stuff from the getgo the baby's simply not going to be able to live with your descision...

It's against the natural order of humanity.

Babies don't play with toys the first two weeks. They also don't care about the room color. OP will be fine.

The ability to determine gender before birth didn't even exist until around the 1970s. Less than 50 years ago. So somehow parents for thousands of years were able to manage without knowing. I think its safe to say that although the technology is a nice option, it is not necessary.

There's really no reason to treat babies or small children differently based on sex except for maybe some diaper-related things. Let them have all the colors and a variety of toys! Why limit them?

When I have kids, I actually want to know the gender of my child while I'm still pregnant, but then keep it a secret for everyone else (other than the father of course). I mostly want to do this for the surprise of it, but also because I know that when you tell people the gender they go out and buy you cute outfits, and gender specific toys for the baby rather than buy you things you NEED. You don't understand how many people who have a baby, think that they had enough diapers to last them awhile, and then find out they didn't. (my sister is one of those people). And the main reason I want to know is so I can start thinking about names. Also it's my baby and I can do what I want. :P

#40 I'm curious how is it "against the natural order of humanity" not to know the gender? before their wasn't even the technology to even have the option to know whether it was a boy or girl and now it's against humanity lol okay.


honestly I'm going to paint the room a color I enjoy looking at because I'm the one that will have to be in there so often. Also it will double as a nursery and their room as a child so I'm going to avoid baby blue and pink anyways. maybe they want an early Christmas gift (the baby's gender) and aren't going to let room paint ruin their fun

The use of the word "gender" is irritating me. You may discover the child's sex at birth, but this does not determine its gender. Apologies for being a pedantic dick.

CheesyPotatoe5 8

Gender and sex is the same thing. Always has been always will be. If you identify as anything else other than the gender you were assigned with at birth you are mentally ill and need to admitted to the nearest asylum. No amount of medication is going to help that level of crazy. They need to be separated from society as soon as possible, as it's dangerous to the collective intelligence of the population.

i love how people are defending her decision to not know the babies sex, but putting you down and down voting you for saying youd prefer to know. ive noticed REPEATEDLY on this site that commenters sure love to attack people.

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If it makes you feel better, she probably also believes that Donald Trump should be POTUS.

ihavenolifehaha 16

Like it or not, he's going to become the next POTUS.

Do english people care about our elections? Or is it kinda how most of the US doesn't care for british politics that much

jimmer23 21

I'm not here to discuss politics haha. But no he won't.

What.... what... what even are you two on about? Why can't we simply make fun of Trump without this happening? Why? *gets down on on knees and raises fist in the air" WWHHHHHYYYYYYYY!!!??

Wtf happened to the republican party? It used to be good stuff like open society and less government, now it's borderline nationalism.

I would have asked that lady, what did the 5 fingers say to the face?

Trick question, the lady is deaf and she signed "Do you even know what politically correct means?"

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We have actually had similar experiences because we did decide to find out the gender of our kids. But no matter what you choose it does not affect her. I hope you told her to mind her own damn business.

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What the hell does that even mean?

Bless you #8. I was hoping this would be the first comment, but good enough.

Oh well don't listen to negative people like that, it's obviously your business, not hers.