By ravenskater - 04/04/2011 02:47

Today, I was at a grocery store with my 3 year old son. As I was picking a cereal out, an older man comes over and says, "You should have used condoms. What an ugly boy." FML
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Richard16 0

What a dick, throw some baby poo at him.


Richard16 0

tell him to pass the messege to his own mother.

wdupvato 0

only a ugly would say this good thing lil Wayne is my dad I'm cute

hobojo11 0

what a gangster him and his crap ass 9mm

Richard16 0

idk how some people can just walk up to someone and have the balls to say shit like that

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free2speak 14

agreed! I would've made sure he walked out with an insult. Tit for tat.

Why insult him? He's just saying you have an uggo for a baby!

more people should take that advice

Tell him he smell like Bengay and has no hair, that'll show him! :D

No, 123, I really don't think that would bother him

iTerrorized 4

This must be the same woman that freaked out when her boyfriends condom split

This is why eldery people shouldn't be allowed to mingle with everyone else unchecked, they do stupid shit like this and think they can do anything they want like slap young women's asses.

175 it's a pointless fight to stick up for ugly children

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kofinater 3

Oldpeople are being so mean today, i bet this guy is married to the lady in the other fml

violetrider123 3

159, so true, there should be a separate world to put them on where they can be as rude as they want

I believe they're called nursing homes...

gatechfan1226 0

damn straight. i work in one.

Yes, I believe so, Richard. I will make sure the older man does not make it to Heaven.

Prankster7o7 5

I thought it was pretty funny. :)

Prankster7o7 5

I thought it was pretty funny. :)

What a dick, throw some baby poo at him.

wdupvato 0

you are one nasty ugly girl. who would do that

she's not ugly she's hot look at her pic

Going to keep short and non-creepy. She ain't ugly, you jealous?

wdupvato 0

your pretty ignorant and annoying look at her picture she is a grenade you obviously never had a gf so have no standards

Lol easiest way to troll, call an above average girl ugly and guys will flock out of the woodwork to her defense.

No I have not. Me ignorant? Tehehehe, nice try.

DiamondFinish 0

wdupvato- A grenade? Someone watches too much jersey shore. You are USDA certified Douche meat.

Show me some proof the USDA certified that or this is fraud and is a very serious offense...

56- your misuse of the word ignorant makes me want to punch your face off.

DiamondFinish 0

Thanatos you my friend are an idiot.

zyxwvutsrqponmlk_fml 0

All of you commenting rediculous things like "shes not ugly look at her pic" are morons, anybody can get a picture of any random girl's face

well you can't just call someone presumptuous after presuming that her picture is real. presumptuous much?

Yeah because every little kid poos when you tell them to, or she has it in a bag...~.~

rebekahah 7

oh good I'm glad I'm not the only one keeping it in a bag!

TahoeFMler 22

Um, OP's child is 3. Probably potty trained...

callofduty4life 0

128 he could not be potty trained. I turned 18 and I just got potty trained last year. now I'm in my big boy huggies diaper and my mom watches me when I use the bathroom so I can show her I can do it

did ur son have an alliby?...kekeke he probably shoots blanks...he's just jealous :)

rebekahah 7

149- wow I'm so happy for you! that's a lot sooner than the average person learns!

callofduty4life 0

i know im a little more advanced than the other lisa but i try not to brag

callofduty4life 0

oops instead of lisa i meant kids. stupid auto correct.

nomnom_muffins 0

this FML made me laugh so hard, oh my goodness.

silentxninja 13

Haha that would be hilarious. xD

You deserved it for not using a condom. *it's hate mail time*

OP should've just thrown his kid. he'll be shown.

I don't believe this fml, I can't believe people would do such thing

upsidedownfrownn 5

I would have kicked that man so hard with my elegant dance steps so much that he'd be seeing stars until the day he dies!!~

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i agree its really funny! I lol'd ...

iTerrorized 4

You know what's funny? OP's child's face. :D

you should've said: "yeah, I wish your mother had used condoms or birth control. anything to keep you shoved up in her ovaries."

"dude, you are a one man campain for abortion" would be my choice.

A more eloquent version might be, "says the poster child for abortions". Oooooor "you projectin' upon us folks your shit feelings over your shit childhood and shit life because you are a piece of shit". :-))))

Miss bunny your insult was fail nice try though

I agree with 64. Hehe. It was a nice try, but the guy would have had time to leave the shop with the length of that insult.

A7X_LoVeee 10

Why would he leave if he was being insulted?

You should of told him and your mom should of swallowed

Why wouldn't you leave? You're being insulted.

well actually, he wouldn't have left considering the comment take 1-2 seconds to say. his mind would still be processing it. therefore, shut the **** up, people. it's a pointless argument.

yea so shut the **** up people. i didnt think it was too bad of an insult

yeah, I'll admit it wasn't that great. but no one asked you. so go finish masturbating in your cave, hairy bitch.

^^ now, that, was an insult. Not much off a bunny, are you?

LOL the second insult was the best Missbunny

LOL the second insult was the best Missbunny

heathersmorin 0

What way to come back, "tard." Tardbunny. Just shut the **** up! The only reason why you think it's not funny is because you should have stayed in your mothers ovaries and are the poster child for abortions. Ok? Stop while your ahead!

194, would be referring to me? I believe my name is MissBunny25. way to steal someone else's comeback there, bitch. as for my original comment, it was very stupid. however, i refuse to let trollolololing cuntweasels such as yourself spew shit out of their mouths to me. as for abortions, I wish your mother had gotten one. Love, MissBunny25 sitting down bitches one roundhouse kick at a time

snap, got moderated before i saw it -.- tell me in bunny language missbunny

CommonSenseKarma 17

Damn, I see Mods and reactions to the modded comments, MissBunny, whatever happened?! D:

Hey #259, you seem pretty cool and sexy. Wanna get mac 'n' cheese with me?

He's not lying about the ******** in a box thing. Refill?

Koolman189 0

hahahaha I agree that man is ****** up in the head

What a shitty thing to say. Im sorry OP :-(

KayBizz 0

your picture confuses me! D:

I think the picture makes perfect sense.


I'm a little frightened but that doesn't mean I'm not aroused as well

SirEBC 7

I would have punched him in the damn face for being so vile and disgusting. Oh, and I would have said something to the guy too.