By Cxisbest - 23/03/2011 21:21 - United States

Today, as I walked home, I heard the people behind me in an argument over my gender. FML
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tell em to go f*ck themselves

just hope you never end up in prison


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sooooooooooo, it's kinda hard to tell... which are you? :p

sooooooooooooo, it's kinda hard to tell. ahah which are you?:p

just hope you never end up in prison

Sorry just don't dress like a dyke.

Write "I'm a girl" on the back of all your shirts, that should solve your problem.

you have tits don't you? show those puppies to the world...unless of course you're fat.

No fat chicks.

Maybe you should shave cave woman.

pluck those eyebrows while youre at it.

Don't you mean THAT eyebrow? Grow your hair longer too. I'm a total tomboy, but people never mistake me for a dude.

haha aw. these comments are so mean.

missbunny!!!!!!!! Welcome Back!!! lol

PERSIAN!!!! *hug* I've missed my macaroni posse D: now, I have to be on good behavior so I don't get banned again. :o help me not say something that will get me moderated D:

yes sir , Alan sir :O

lol. I love that movie. To this day I still know if it was male or female.

damn if that's you in your pic you're one HOTT MAMA!!!!

oops... I'm talking about 57 BTW

don't look like a tomboy ;)

so what was the verdict???

o that was u... I knew u were jus an ugly girl

I'm sorry but what the hell is 'dressing appropriately'?

21 - Do you live in Manchavster by any chance? Also, have you noticed that there's a chav in Hot Fuzz?

You can banned from FML? XD I did not know that :s

I lost a great friend today. he was a simple man, but deep and complex at the same time. He never hurt a soul, and let a lot of things slide, especially nowadays. Unfortunately, he's now dead and gone, a victim of murder. This great man was known as The English Language, and 163 WAS THE KILLER!

Awwww, Mr.English Language died.

tell em to go f*ck themselves

.....or kick them in the ass and run

flash then with ur tits that'll take away the confusion unless I'd tits look like man tits

o.o auto correct it's supposed to be ur not I'd

Or just enjoy being a gender bender? Androgynous ftw!

Lmao ! Ahahahah that's so true.

what an odd pic u have

lmao hahahahahahaha that's awesome

well we're in the 21st century....there's a lit of he-she's, she-he's, and/or its out does it really matter?

3 cheers for androgynous folk!

The fuck is up with your shirt?

Are you Lady Gaga

don't dis gaga

lady gaga= he she

Gaga will fuck you up child. Don't diss GaGa. She'll kill you and wear you to the Grammys!

Lol, I wouldn't be surprised if that really happened 102

gaga can SMD but I wouldn't want her to cuz she looks like a guy

oh my god... most epic comment ever!

Well... Which are you? o.o

it says she a girl.

Stop being a boy them.

*presses metaphorical like button*

Long time no see, MissBunny. haha

yes, let's just run to the store real quick and get a face

you can get them in bulk at Costco

Yeah but they're cheaper at walmart.

Welcome to Costco. I love you. Welcome to Costco. I love you.

197 You're Idiocrisy Quote Made My Day :P

then dress like a girl and lose the chili bowl hair cut

I hate it when I don't come to know the end of a conversation.

dude gender confused how bout ur name it shid be plagirl in town playboy is girls playgirls is guys

11 I like your picture :)

187- You are stupid. That is all.

so did you finally find out then?