By WolfAvenge - 30/09/2015 06:49 - United States - Phoenix

Today, I made some brownies to take over to my dad's place for his party. He started yelling at me when I told him I'd added a special ingredient for taste, demanding to know what I had slipped them. Cinnamon. It was cinnamon. FML
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WolfAvenge tells us more.

I did tell them before they ate it, I was handing over the plate to him as I told him what was in it. I would never give someone food without them knowing what was in it in case they were allergic; he just over reacted. I've never done drugs or was an issue child in the past so I'm not sure why he thought I put something else in them! Needless to say they loved the brownies once I convinced them it was just cinnamon.

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You should have looked around like you were about to do something illegal then said in a whisper "cinnamon"

I mean you can't blame him for thinking that if you said you added "special" ingredients


WordBea 23

Paranoid dad or

You just can't trust deserts anymore.

Cacti can be such pricks

you can't trust a lot of things anymore.

Can't trust desserts either.

I know right, with those mirages! Them deserts be shifty!

I mean you can't blame him for thinking that if you said you added "special" ingredients

That's like saying you can't blame someone for accusing someone else for trying to drug them because they tell you its a family secret recipe or it has "special" ingredients.

bibble27 9

Number 6... It's not "like" anything. That's exactly what happened. Why did you add the like?

I was commenting on her view of the situation, not the situation itself. Although I feel its weird that people jump the gun to think weed or something else is in the brownies when someone says it has "special" ingredient[s], but I think I got the hint that it is normal for people to jump the gun on that. If someone was to say that to me I'd make a joke and ask what the ingredient was.

katachristic 19

or he could have thought it was laxatives

Something special in brownies almost always means pot. If it were cookies, sure that'd be a big leap, but pot brownies are notorious.

Not here they aren't. Which is why that's not the first thing that pops in my head.

Why use your narrow geographical mindset on a website with people across the world? I've never had pot brownies, or seen pot brownies, or heard of a specific incident involving them in real life, and yet I logically deduced the implication.

Let me rephrase it for you then. This is my first time of ever hearing about pot brownies. I didn't even know it was a thing. I've heard of other things being put in them once or twice before, but nothing significant.

I heard that some people seldom put weed in brownies? But that wouldn't be the first thing that popped in my head after hearing a special ingredient was put in. I'm not very in the loop on those things.

Wow, I apologize. Part of the reason I started reading FMLs years ago was to learn about popular culture. Now I know other people are learning too.

You should have looked around like you were about to do something illegal then said in a whisper "cinnamon"

Hehe you should have kept it a secret.

ThePandoricaOpen 18

Based on the context, and tone I'm grtting from the FML, something tells me that would have been a bad idea

TechnoKitten 17

Some people can't handle surprises

hoosiergirl94 31

You kids these days and your code words

Steve97 32

Cinnamon brownies I should try that! :o

Oh no, not CINNAMON, anything but that! *horrified gasp*

atleast it wasnt pumpkin flavored. ..