By lovingsnow - 27/02/2010 07:37 - Singapore

Today, I got back home and my hamster was dead. I left notes two weeks ago everywhere to remind my parents to feed it while I was overseas. Apparently, my parents even didn't realize I was gone. FML
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Parents these days It seems like a lot of them are already forgetting there own kids, fyl.


yeah well see your comment get removed and op that sucks

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well look on the bright side you don't have to feed your hamster anymore and you can do anything you want because your parents don't give a damn!

So now you can get a dog. This is an opportunity!

asianwolf 2

one of two things: you did not make it clear to your parents you were leaving. or your parents don't give a **** about your hamster. I'm not voting because I don't know which one happened.

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that happened to my friend a few years ago. just take your rage out on em, they'll soon catch on somethings amiss.

have it stuffed and give it to your parents as xmas gift

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they just hating on u ur first so u have the right to say first

umm yeah no one cares what number you are. and for the op did you actually tell your parents you were leaving or simply rely on those notes you left?

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I want to swap families. The OP's family are hilarious!

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Parents these days It seems like a lot of them are already forgetting there own kids, fyl.

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asianwolf 2

there is something called sarcasm....

asianwolf 2

wow I forgot to type a word. there is thing called ruining sarcasm... fail on my part.

#10 made my day just because of their picture.

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Hamster's life? I think you didn't read the FML properly ;) Though, it really does bother me knowing that an animal was stuck in a cage with no means to feed itself.

However, they're Chuck Norris compared to the Jonass Brothers.

Flutist 3

If chuck norris was gaaay. LOL Kidding. But no man mounts Chuck Norris. Chuck Norris makes love to his own beard. The reason it is so shiny is the man **** he uses.

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Maybe they were a bit distracted , you no if you were the only child in the house or something maybe they wanted to have some Alone time. They probably went out too.

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Thats really cruel for the poor hamster :[

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damn... u remind me of my hamster :-(

Your hamster takes trips overseas and asks its non-caring parents to feed its own hamster?

you should have just dumped a bunch of food in the tank. he woulndt have ate it all at once