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  jack8765  |  0

well look on the bright side you don't have to feed your hamster anymore and you can do anything you want because your parents don't give a damn!

  asianwolf  |  2

one of two things:

you did not make it clear to your parents you were leaving. or

your parents don't give a fuck about your hamster.

I'm not voting because I don't know which one happened.

  heyheyt  |  0

umm yeah no one cares what number you are. and for the op did you actually tell your parents you were leaving or simply rely on those notes you left?

  humorizer  |  14

Hamster's life? I think you didn't read the FML properly ;)

Though, it really does bother me knowing that an animal was stuck in a cage with no means to feed itself.

  Flutist  |  3

If chuck norris was gaaay. LOL Kidding. But no man mounts Chuck Norris. Chuck Norris makes love to his own beard. The reason it is so shiny is the man jizz he uses.