By manderpander21 - United States - Bronx
Today, my mom and I made the bad decision to go hiking for some mother-daughter bonding even though we had little experience. My mother tumbled down a mountain named Tumbledown and I couldn't even enjoy the irony because I had to half carry her all the way back to the car. FML
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#23 I agree with you completely my family are my world so all I could be thinking about is I hope that she's okay and didn't break anything. I will say a prayer for your mom that she heals quickly that is if that's okay with you? I'm sorry OP that your quality time with your mother got cut short, maybe next time you guys can do something a little less dangerous.

  saxitus  |  13

Yes #17 is right - irony would be the opposite. It would be ironic if the mountain was named "EasyFooting" and she lost her footing, or even stranger but relevant to this, if it was named "CannotTumbleDown" and she tumbled down.

By  russfml  |  31

On the bright side the trail got the name for a reason, I bet she wasn't the first one to tumble down tumbledown mountain.
The irony is also priceless