By SmellyCloset - 05/10/2014 21:34 - United States - San Francisco

Today, I found a decomposing hamster deep in my closet. My daughter had hidden "Peach" after accidentally killing it and said it had ran away a month ago. And I'd believed her. FML
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Well clearly you need to learn your daughter about what you can and can not lie about. This is just nauseating.

"It's fking rotten!!" -Gordon Ramsay


Well clearly you need to learn your daughter about what you can and can not lie about. This is just nauseating.

Queen_of_Night 20

"Can and cannot lie about"? When I was growing up I was pretty sure the general rule of thumb was don't lie.

It is also teach and not learn*

It's an old saying 20 "learn that child a thing or two." Am I just getting old or is that saying still common among you chillins?

20 well I'm sorry but I've never learned that learn was a wrong word to use in this specific sentence. Ahh never mind get it now

#17, sometimes you have to lie out of respect for others (white lies), however for the most part I do agree that people should try and tell the truth as often as they can and also that they should phrase the truth in a nice manner.

Its ok, In Norway, Sweden and Denmark it is more common to say "I will learn you a lesson" instead of "I will teach you a lesson" sentences are structured differently in those places :)

You got some skeletons in your closet. Hiding your problems only allows for them to come back and stink up your life/ room.

"It's fking rotten!!" -Gordon Ramsay

iLike2Teabag 27

"This hamster is so raw, a skilled vet could have saved him!" - Gordon Ramsay

Holy shit. I'm crying.

Lol I could hear it in my head with his voice. XD Nice one.

Peach is in a another castle now

Do hamsters ever..."run away?"

Yup they do occasionally run away

I've had a dog run away. That's what my mom told me as my dad planted a new tree in the backyard. Hey, wait just one minute. I don't think that was a tree! It was a Red Fern! Now I remember.

AnyaS 19

I was asked the same thing about turtles when two of mine actually ran away.

Have you ever held a hamster? They scurry EVERYWHERE. If you don't keep your eye on them you will probably lose them. Weird fact - apparently someone near me has just found their hamster, alive, after it ran away about 6 months ago. I don't really know how that's possible but it was in the local, maybe it's true?

juturnaamo 29

My snapping turtle ran away. Luckily, we live near several bodies of water.

orbit 22

The hamster in Malcolm in the middle ran away

sylverdrag_fml 9

Have you checked the closet? :D

Just how old is your daughter? Poor Peaches never stood a chance.

isn't the line about the dead pet running away what the parent says to the kid?

I thought the same thing.

kid logic. same as when your parents asked you where this was or why didnt you do that and we just shrugged and mumbled "idunnno"

Guess it's hamster for dinner then!

considering the hamster is already decomposing i would say it is rotten. next time you try to be funny take a few seconds to think over what you have said before sending the comment. it might save you the embarrassment of being burried.

50, So you're saying if the hamster wasn't already decomposing it would be fine to eat?!

Well, all meat starts to decompose as soon as the animal is dead. Eat up.

Yeah, because when I look through the comments, my one wish is to get the sudden urge to vomit.

Time to talk to her about lying.