By deadhammy - 11/01/2013 07:09 - United States - San Diego

Today, my hamster died. It climbed out of its cage and jumped off my dresser. Looking for condolences, I told my mom who replied, "If I lived in your room, I would have done it earlier." FML
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Clean up after yourself.

Troll mom strikes again.


Clean up after yourself.

while i don't believe a messy room makes you deserve your hamster to commit suicide, i agree that if your mom is willing to make that statement in the occurrence of a pets death, then you really should clean your room. If not for yourself, do it for the loving memory of hammy!

You hamster suciided that sucks

Contrary to popular belief, your hamster actially got a calling from his tribe members across the street who were going to initiate him to become the tribe leader. But only if he was able to fly over there like he had promised them earlier during the week to try to impress the lady of the tribe. He thought: "if those damn squirrels can do it, so can I!!" And then he jumped. Unfortunately he had his work cut out for him, flying turned out harder than it seemed. And that was how the story of Johnny the hamster ended. - Narrated by Morgan Freeman

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I think the first step would be to clean up after his hamster.

Troll mom strikes again.

Fusion_Fear 14

Sorry about your hamster, your mom should have been nice to you or tried to help you feel better.

Am I the only one that laughed after I made a motion picture in my head of the hamster just climbing its way up the cage, getting on the edge of the dresser, and then did that tiny hamster jump off, plummeting to its doom? Hamster suicide. Sorry Op.

38- you're not the only one, but I also imagined a suicide speech spoken in hamsternese.

I pictured him looking back one more time with a tear in his eye.

It was a hamster. They don't have the longest life spans. Not that that makes it better. I'm just saying this would have come soon enough.

If it doesn't make it better, why say it? I'm sure OP would have wanted his hamster to live as long as possible, whether death was coming eventually or not. You could say the same thing about a loved one, but you definitely shouldn't.

You can say it about anything. I'm making the point that if you were in the market for a long term pet, this wasn't the right choice. There are plenty of other comments that never needed to be said but were, over and over in some cases. That's what happens.

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He's being logical while most people can't seem to get their heads out of the clouds.

Being an ass =/= being logical. Nobody is stupid enough to think their pet hamster is going to live forever. But there's a difference between a pet dying of natural causes after a happy life, and a pet dying suddenly, unexpectedly and well before it's time. That's just...common ******* sense. Nobody wants to hear that their pet (who they obviously love, regardless of life expectancy) was going to die "soon enough" anyway. What kind of person even thinks like that? Especially when the pet didn't even die of natural causes.

You're overreacting. I'm just a realist and not a pet person to begin with. I think the fml was more about the moms reaction anyway. But that's just me. Ill stand alone in my opinions. Honey badger dont care!!!

Maybe you should have gotten it a more secure cage or something.. hamsters aren't the smartest and don't know any better than to climb out! that sucks though OP, sorry for your loss D:

I had a hamster that could escape the cage. We had to wire the doors shut and it could still get out.

Once my hamster had its head suck while trying to get out of her cage. That little rascal!

The hamster Houdini?

That's so weird.. My hamster did the exact same thing. He also bit through his leg. I think he was a little deranged..

FYI Hamsters are get intelligent. that's why they manage to escape most rapids and cages to get food and the like.

Sounds like your mom thinks that you need to clean your room, but that's too bad about the hamster.

What the hell did he jump into?!

I think the fall from such a height was just too much for his little body... regardless of what he landed on!

Yea my brother once dropped one. it was less than a foot fall but it died. They are pretty fragile.

Didn't know they were so weak... Or that dressers were that tall! Never had a hamster die from a fall.

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On the other hand, if OPs room was more messy, the hamster would have had lots of cushion to break its fall.

They die from shock very easily, and their bones are very fragile. Could have been either one, or both. Poor little guy. :( 12- true, but apparently that still wasn't enough.

Judging by what your mother said, I have a terrible feeling that you haven't cleaned up its body from the floor yet.

Get a new hamster and cover everything in bubble wrap.. It's bound to work.

Get a new hamster and cover THE HAMSTER in bubble wrap. It would work(ish), and might be amusing. Just leave his little snout free so he can breathe! :D

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Get a ferret, they do well in messy rooms because they like making things messy to begin with!

Oh man, letting a ferret go loose in a messy room provides hours of entertainment. My ferret find EVERYTHING entertaining. Clothes, shoes, tubes, paper, plastic bags, beds, boxes....everything.

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I second that! My ferret doesn't care how messy my room is (clothes wise, not food or whatever.) She likes to scuttle around, poke her head out, take a breather (I assume LOL), then run back under :D