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Today, I got a text message from my ex from about a year ago, asking if my 4-day-old son was his. I don't know what's sadder - the fact that he thinks a gestation period can last 11 months, or that he's more willing to step up to the plate than the baby's actual father. FML
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A man doesn't have to be a biological father to be a daddy!


oh, sorry to break the news to you, but god doesn't exist.

And I'm sorry to break this to you... you're an asshole little kid, let him or her believe what he or she wants to believe, have some respect if you want to be respected. I am not religious at all and I'm not an asshole to religious people just because they worship something I don't.

please don't have religious debates over the Internet, they don't go anywhere, you never change anyones point of view and atheists always look like bitches. (I'm an atheist too so atheists don't bitch at me)

No religious debates, please. Everyone loses, especially the mods.

I agree the ex is not too smart but he's noble at least

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yea, it doesn't sound like you have the best track record for picking guys...

true but what good is noble without a job? but I'm going to assume he is not as stupid as the post makes him sound.

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I agree, but honestly technically it's 10 months and maybe op math isn't right. women usually find out that they are pregnant when they are a month a long then it's nine months left.

Childbirth usually occurs about 38 weeks after conception; in women who have a menstrual cycle length of four weeks, this is approximately 40 weeks from the last normal menstrual period (LNMP). The World Health Organization defines normal term for delivery as between 37 weeks and 42 weeks. 4.3 weeks (30-31 days) per month = 8.6-9.7 months. There are rare cases of up to 11.5 months gestation. So while it's possible, the "normal" gestation is not 10 months.

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well maybe he got confused cuse he watched too much family guy

or the guy doesnt know the birthday of the kid or doesn't know down to the day/month the last time he ****** her, I mean it was four years ago

rather, 5, 11 months + 4 years someodd months

oh ****... 4 DAY old son... the original point could still stand though, if he gets a lot of action he might not know the last time he was with her

Maybe the guy just loves her and wants to be in her life and be a daddy?

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Hey, at least he came back. Shit if I had a baby and the other person bailed I would want help.

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actually in other countries beside america they will say the gestation period lasts up to 10 or 11 months

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not all women find out they're pregnant when they're a month or more along, some find out just weeks along, AND pregnancy does not last 10 months, pregnancy typically lasts 40-42weeks (40wks/4.337weeks a month = 9.223months. douchebag

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Hey... me and OP live in the same state!!! :0 hee hee lol whatevah!!!

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sounds like you suck at picking guys. I wonder if the ex is a nice guy that you left for the current loser that doesn't want to take responsibility?

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I'm honestly baffled! Are people actually arguing about the length of gestation months? Fact: Pregnancy is approximately 9 months long. And how does that even concern this FML? clearly she knows he is not the baby's father. I think OP's ex just forgot the last time they had sex. Either way, I'm curious as to why he didn't ask you this while you were pregnant? If he was that concerned about the baby, I'd think he would have at least helped you out some during the pregnancy.

maybe she didn't tell him, and maybe that's when he found out, after the birth. still he called to find out the truth cause it raised some concern for him. a lot of guys wouldn't even had bothered till court date for child support!

It definately takes a good guy to be willing to step up like that, without you asking for it. I'm sure he doesn't remember exactly when you guys were together last. Maybe he just remembered you guys were together in the winter time or something. It's not like thats the date someone wants to remember

wow that's really sad. men are so senseless sometimes (rolls eyes)

yeah I did because a) she's talking about her HUSBAND not his wife and b) I grew up around guys. so yea I did single them out.

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well she's got two genders to single out. considering the fml was about a man, I can see her point. and besides, everyone knows women can be such bitches sometimes :)

50 - op says nothing about a husband. and everyones grown up around guys, don't think you're so special now

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birdfreak, Almost everyone grows up around guys...

I find it funny how girls always complain about guys being senseless and stuff when you girls are equally as bad, the thing is though, guys tend not to complain about it. also I would find it quite difficult to believe you DIDN'T grow up around guys. (rolls eyes) -.-

birdfreak, it's because you made a generalised comment about ALL men. Not all men are (sometimes) senseless, just as not all women are (sometimes) sensitive. Anyway, gender shouldn't be a factor here. The father of her baby, an individual, seems to be a bit 'senseless'.

I can make senseless assumptions of females to. they're all crazy and get upset over the stupidest shit.. see how that works? now get back in the kitchen and make me a sandwich. note - I don't think like this I love all women. y'all are beautiful

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birdfreak are you lesbian or something

Guys don't complain about it? That's just as bad of a B.S. generalization as the original one. The guys I hang around (and I pretty much only hang out with guys) complain constantly about the insensitivity of some of the women in their lives. Both men and women can be insensitive bitches, and both genders complain about the other gender being insensitive. It's an annoyingly endless cycle that will probably continue until the end of time.

a) when I said I grow up around guys, I meant family wise all the cousins and crap and b) no I'm as straight as an arrow just really feminist

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you make it sound like the text was from a year ago... he sent a text into the future haha

Sukismama 2

Hahaha @5, it does sound like that huh

when he's says a year ago she means the year before this one and not the one after. so no it's not from the future. it's a delayed text

No, she's saying the message was from her ex who she broke up with a hear ago

Wow that was quite a bit of work to figure out half of the first sentence...

well congratulations on the baby, but it is quite sad that he is more willing then your kids real dad. a lot of people need male role models to help fill the void.

well I hope you said no if some woman tricked me into taking care of a baby that wasn't mine I would want a refund....

Well, i mean atleast he cares you know? Better than the man who runs off.

A man doesn't have to be a biological father to be a daddy!

No, but he's her ex. OP would be pretty cruel if she starts a new relationship with her ex who she doesn't love, just to use him as a father.

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nothing says she doesn't love him. He could have broken off the relationship or it could have been a mutual thing to cut it off

You might want to consider saying "yes"!

can you not read that op stated that it's her ex ? it wouldn't be right for her to lie about the ex being the father . pls think about what you wanna say next time :)

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I'm pretty sure it was joke...

I'm sorry - it was so obviously an unsustainable lie that I didn't think anyone could take it seriously. Evidently I was wrong (save for 124 there).